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The Florida Bar

Board Review Committee On Professional Ethics

This committee, composed of at least seven members of the Board, makes preliminary review of advisory ethics opinions appealed to the Board of Governors from the Professional Ethics Committee and advisory advertising opinions appealed to the Board from the Standing Committee on Advertising. The committee votes to affirm, modify or withdraw the advisory opinion. The committee's decision is then reported to the full Board of Governors for approval or modification.

Carl B Schwait Chair Gainesville  2014
Lansing Charles Scriven Vice Chair Tampa  2014
William Howard Davis Tallahassee  2014
Stephen Herre Echsner Pensacola  2014
Dennis G Kainen Miami  2014
John Wesley Manuel Panama City  2014
Scott Ramsey McMillen Orlando  2014
Lawrence Edward Sellers, Jr. Tallahassee  2014


[Revised: 7-1-2013]