The Florida Bar

Board Audit Committee

The Audit Committee represents the Board of Governors in matters concerning the Bar's auditors. Its duties include recommending the selection of a firm to be engaged to perform the annual audit, working with the auditors in determining the scope of their examination, receiving comments, if any, from the auditors and when necessary, recommending to the Board fiscal and accounting policy changes.

At least five members serve on this committee which meets whenever the need arises, normally not more than twice a year for a few hours at each meeting. The meetings are usually held at the September Board meeting and another meeting in Tallahassee.

Edward Duffy Myrtetus Chair Glen Allen  2018
Eric Lynn Meeks Vice Chair Cincinnati  2018
Ian M Comisky Philadelphia  2017
Steven Wayne Davis Miami  2017
Paul Louis SanGiovanni Orlando  2017


[Revised: 7-1-2016]