The Florida Bar

Board Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is responsible for recommending to the Board of Governors a budget which implements the approved programs of the Bar after receiving input from the Program Evaluation Committee. Fiscal and budgetary policy changes are formulated by the Budget Committee with input from the various parts of the Bar affected by such changes; proposed policies are sent to the Board of Governors for approval.

Preparation of the budget usually begins in September and is substantially completed by February. Generally, one meeting is held in Tallahassee, and a follow-up meeting may be held in Tampa for preparing the budget. The Rule requires notice of additional meetings in the five appellate districts, which may be canceled if no one requests to appear at the meeting.

The nine-member committee also reviews the financial statements and budget amendments for each Board of Governors meeting. Meetings for this purpose are usually held immediately preceding the Board of Governors meeting.

Paul Louis SanGiovanni Chair Orlando  2017
Steven Wayne Davis Chair-elect Miami  2019
Thomas Roe Bopp Tampa  2018
Ian M Comisky Philadelphia  2017
Stephen Herre Echsner Pensacola  2017
Ronald Peter Ponzoli, Jr. West Palm Beach  2018
Roland Sanchez-Medina, Jr. Coral Gables  2018
Michelle Renee Suskauer West Palm Beach  2019
Renée Elise Thompson Ocala  2019


[Revised: 7-1-2016]