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Eleventh Circuit Grievance Committee "N"

Grievance committees are made up of volunteer members, at least one-third of whom are not lawyers. Each of Florida's 20 judicial circuits has at least one such committee. The grievance committee reviews complaints with much the same purpose as a grand jury. That is, the committee decides, after a case is submitted to them by bar counsel, whether there is probable cause to believe a lawyer violated the professional conduct rules imposed by the Supreme Court of Florida and whether discipline against the lawyer appears to be warranted.
Staff Contact    William Mulligan
Dori Foster-Morales Designated Reviewer Miami  June, 2017
Devang Desai Attorney Member Coral Gables  July, 2017
Ela Maria Hernandez Attorney Member Miami  October, 2018
Fritznie Abigail Jarbath Attorney Member Coral Gables  December, 2019
Michael Joseph Rotundo Attorney Member Aventura  July, 2018
Pablo Andres Tamayo Attorney Member Miami  June, 2019
Maury Lorne Udell Attorney Member Miami  June, 2017
Kimberly Acevedo *Public Member Miami  May, 2017
Jessica Carlson *Public Member Fort Lauderdale  October, 2018
Ralph E. De Martino *Public Member Miami Beach  July, 2018
Craig S Fabrikant *Public Member Aventura  August, 2019
Caridad Vasallo *Public Member Coral Gables  February, 2020
* Public Member

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