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Judicial Nominating Procedures

The scope and function of the JNP Committee is to assist the Governor and the judicial nominating commissions in discharging their respective duties under Article V, Section 11, Constitution of Florida.

The committee offers assistance to the Governor with organizing and presenting an annual training program for all JNC commissioners. The training program provides authoritative information on the subject of judicial selection and the judicial nominating process. It also constitutes a forum for the mutual exchange of information by commissioners.

The committee will advise judicial nominating commissioners of new legislation or proposed legislation which is related to the judiciary and the judicial selection process. The committee will continue to suggest operating rules and procedures that it believes to be in the best interest of the commissions and the judicial nominating process.

Florida Judicial Nominating Commissioner 2013 Manual (293 pgs) PDF document opens in new window

JNC: Uniform Rules of Procedure - Appellate PDF document opens in new window
JNC: Uniform Rules of Procedure - Circuit PDF document opens in new window
JNC: Uniform Rules of Procedure - Supreme Court PDF document opens in new window

JNC Training Video - October 28, 2011

Judicial Nominating Applications and Commissions Staff Contact    Vicki Brand
Michael Robert Band Chair Miami  2016
Edward L Artau Vice Chair West Palm Beach  2015
Carol Ann Licko Vice Chair Miami  2015
O John Alpizar Board Liaison Palm Bay  2015
Sylvia Ann Berrien Seffner  2016
Richard Burton Bush Tallahassee  2017
Mitzi Sommer Carr Orlando  2017
Timothy Michele Cerio Tallahassee  2016
Pamela D Cichon Saint Petersburg  2015
Santo DiGangi West Palm Beach  2017
Howard David DuBosar Boca Raton  2015
Linda Bond Edwards Tallahassee  2016
Erik Matthew Figlio Tallahassee  2015
Maria Dolores Garcia Coral Gables  2017
Craig Anthony Gibbs Jacksonville  2017
Patricia Riste Gleason Tallahassee  2016
Sharon Margaret Hanlon Naples  2015
Leslie Scott Jean-Bart Jacksonville  2017
John Justin Kendron Lake City  2015
Christopher Michael Kise Tallahassee  2017
Lisa Joy Kleinberg Sarasota  2015
Alexandra Bach Lagos Miami  2015
Christen Elizabeth Luikart Jacksonville  2015
Kenneth J Miller Fort Lauderdale  2016
Telsula Christy Morgan West Palm Beach  2016
Chasity Hope O'Steen Tallahassee  2016
Melissa Cade Pallett-Vàsquez Miami  2016
Jesse Michael Panuccio Tallahassee  2015
Harry A Payton Miami  2016
Paul Fernandez Penichet Miami  2016
Cory James Person Tampa  2016
Matthew Nichols Posgay Jacksonville  2017
Raquel A Rodriguez Miami  2015
Stacy Michelle Ross Fort Lauderdale  2016
Laura Rush Tallahassee  2016
Lilly Ann Sanchez Miami  2015
Oscar A Sanchez Miami  2016
Brian Yaacov Silber Fort Lauderdale  2016
R Troy Smith Jacksonville  2016
Anthony Joseph Soto Miami  2016
Jeanne Trudeau Tate Tampa  2015
Lara J Tibbals Tampa  2015
Robert C L Vaughan Fort Lauderdale  2016
John George White, III West Palm Beach  2015
Gary Steven Winston Miami  2015
Mark R Wolfe Tampa  2017


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