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The charge of the Constitutional Judiciary Committee is to strengthen the public’s understanding of the role of the judicial branch of government, the Constitution, the rule of law, and the role of judges and juries in the administration of justice.
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Benchmarks activities available online
The Constitutional Judiciary Committee's Benchmarks activities are available for download on line:

Staff Contact    Susannah Lyle
Deborah Michelle Sisco Chair Tampa  2016
Sacha Dyson Vice Chair Tampa  2016
Michelle Renee Suskauer Board Liaison West Palm Beach  2016
Arlene Evon Acord Tampa  2017
Augustus Davis Aikens, Jr. Tallahassee  2016
John James Bajger Fort Lauderdale  2017
J Clancey Bounds Maitland  2017
Karl Andrew Burgunder Oviedo  2016
Edward John Carbone Tampa  2016
Rafael Angel Castro, III Miami  2017
Antony Derrick Constantini Tallahassee  2016
Angela Cote Dempsey Tallahassee  2017
Karla D Ellis Tallahassee  2017
Alan Orantes Forst West Palm Beach  2016
Thomas D Graham Miami  2017
Valeria Hendricks Lakeland  2017
Kenneth Joseph Joyce Fort Lauderdale  2017
Regina Ann Kardash Clearwater  2016
Dominic Kouffman Tampa  2017
Linda Marie Leali Miami  2016
Simone Marstiller Tallahassee  2016
Seth Eric Miles Miami  2016
Thomas Powell Whitaker, Jr. Bradenton  2016
Carl Tucker Williams Boca Raton  2016

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