The Florida Bar

January 7, 1964

It is not a violation of the Canons of Ethics for an attorney who intends to stand for election to pass out to people he meets cards bearing his name and the city in which he lives but no indication of his profession.

Canon: 27

Chairman Smith stated the opinion of the committee:

A member of The Florida Bar states that he intends to be a candidate for public office in his county and intends “to start actively campaigning for the (position) in the near future.” Prior to qualifying for election he wishes to have cards printed which will state only his name and the city in which he lives. He will distribute these cards to persons he meets so that they will be better acquainted with him when he runs for office. No reference will be made to the fact that he is an attorney either on the cards or at the time they are distributed.

Attention is directed to the provisions of Canon 27 which prohibit the solicitation of legal representation either directly or indirectly. Provided, however, that the cards are printed and distributed as indicated, and provided he in no way uses the process in violation of Canon 27, it is the opinion of this Committee that no violation of the Canons of Ethics is involved.

This Committee makes no judgment, and expresses no opinion, as to compliance with the letter or spirit of the election laws.

[Revised: 08-24-2011]