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January 24, 2014
Michael E. Marder, Chair,
Fifth District Court of Appeal Judicial Nominating Commission
(407) 425-6559

As a result of the resignation of Circuit Judge Jacqueline R. Griffin, there is a vacancy in The Fifth District Court of Appeal and the Judicial Nominating Commission has been asked to provide Gov. Rick Scott with nominees for the vacancy.

1) Judicial applications for this one (1) District Court vacancy must be received before 5 p.m. on February 14, 2014, at the following location:

    c/o Michael E. Marder, Chair
    Fifth District Court of Appeal Judicial Nominating Commission
    201 E. Pine Street, Suite 500
    Orlando, FL 32801
    Applications submitted after the deadline WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. All applicants must have been members of The Florida Bar for at least ten (10) years, electors of the State of Florida and be residents of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal prior to taking office.

2) The Judicial Application (which can be downloaded from The Florida Bar website) must include:
          • An original and ten (10) printed copies of the application
          • One (1) Digital (electronic) copy of the application (either as a .PDF or in Microsoft Word) to; and One (1) Digital (electronic) copy of the application with personal information redacted in a format suitable for submission in response to public records requests;
          • A recent photograph should be attached to the original and each copy;
          • All letters of recommendation in your possessions that you wish the Commission to consider, however, these letters may also be sent as supplements, after the application is submitted;
          • Copies of the applicant’s completed Federal Income Tax Returns for the preceding three (3)
          • years OR current financial statement and financial history. NOTE: if you are practicing law as a professional association, your tax returns for the three (3) year period should include the tax returns for the professional association;
          • Any additional information which you feel may be helpful to the Commission in assessing your qualifications

3) After the deadline for submitting applications, the Commission will determine which applicants to interview. If you are to be interviewed, you will be contacted to confirm the date, time and location.

4) As you know, all proceedings of the Commission are open to the public except for deliberations. Accordingly, you should not expect your application to be kept confidential.

5) If an applicant is nominated, all materials attached to the original application will be submitted to the Governor.

6) If there is any question about the application process, please contact Michael E. Marder at the address above.


Michael E. Marder, Chair
April S. Kirsheman, Vice Chair
Todd E. Copeland
James Henry Richey
Lewis E. Dinkins
Lee G. Schmudde
Isaac J. Lidsky
Michael C. Sasso

Members of the bench, the Bar and the public are urged to contact the members of the Commission concerning applicants for judicial positions.


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[Revised: 01-27-2014]