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December 15, 2013

Mediator Disciplinary Actions
Prepared by the Florida Dispute Resolution Center

The Mediator Qualifications Board — a committee under authority of and appointed by the Florida Supreme Court — recently disciplined one certified mediator.

The following mediator is disciplined:

Allan J. Weltman, 1501 E. Atlantic Blvd., Pompano Beach, Certification #11202 (Case number: MQB 2012-005) Case type: family. Sanctioned by Order Accepting Admission to Formal Charges and Imposing Sanctions entered June 11, 2013 — four hours of continuing education credits on ethics pertaining to business practices, providing services not directly related to the mediation process, fees, and integrity and impartiality; two hours of education regarding the unlicensed practice of law; and submit a reflective report on what was learned from the experience. All courses to be pre-approved by DRC director. Findings: The mediator charged the parties in excess of the time actually spent on their mediation and refused to give them a refund; he failed to provide the parties with a prior written explanation of fees and/or costs for which he later billed; he failed to provide the complainant with an accounting of his billed fees and costs upon her request; he charged the parties for a courier service that was not used; during a family law mediation the mediator attempted to procure bankruptcy documentation preparation services from the parties; and the mediator drafted or re-drafted dissolution pleadings for filing with the court by the parties. Florida Rules for Certified and Court Appointed Mediators Violated: 10.110(b), Good Moral Character; 10.300 Mediator’s Responsibility to the Parties; 10.340(d) Conflicts of Interest; 10.380 Fees and Expenses; 10.600 Mediator’s Responsibility to the Mediation Profession; and 10.620 Integrity and Impartiality.

[Revised: 04-13-2014]