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January 15, 2014

Mediator Disciplinary Actions
Prepared by the Florida Dispute Resolution Center

The Mediator Qualifications Board — a committee under authority of and appointed by the Florida Supreme Court — recently disciplined one certified mediator.

The following mediator is disciplined:

Stephen Woodin, 200 N. Railroad Street, Bunnell, Certification: 18549C, (Case Number: MQB 2012-012) Case Type: Marketing. Sanctioned by Order Accepting Admission to Formal Charges and Imposing Sanction entered November 6, 2013. Woodin admitted allegations of formal charges and agreed to immediately and permanently cease to advertise and offer the course “Personal Safety & Family Protection” or any similarly related course to mediators for continuing mediator education credits. Any default in the agreement by the mediator will result in the matter returning to the Mediator Qualifications Board for further action. Findings: Woodin offered the course “Personal Safety & Family Protection” for seven hours of CME credit to train mediators in self-defense, gun target practice, and to qualify the participants for a concealed firearms permit. Woodin advertised the course as having been approved for CME credit when there is no approval process for CME. The course did not enhance a participant’s professional competence as a mediator, nor did it constitute an organized program of learning directly related to the practice of mediation as required by In re Procedures Governing Certification of Mediators, Fla. Admin. Order No. AOSC11-1(January 10, 2011). Woodin failed to engage in forthright business practices supporting the advancement of mediation and advertised false or misleading information by using the word “approved” in his advertising. The course subject matter did not meet the requirements of CME and demeaned the dignity of the mediation process. Woodin posted an online biography stating that he is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator without identifying at least one area of certification he holds. Florida Rules For Certified and Court Appointed Mediators Violated: 10.600 and 10.610(a), (b) and (f).

[Revised: 04-23-2014]