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The Florida Bar News
May 1, 2008
It’s USDC-MDFL Bar renewal time

Notice is hereby given that on or about May 30 attorney renewal forms will be provided by U.S. mail to all active members of the Bar of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

Members who do not receive a renewal notice within a reasonable amount of time and feel that an error has occurred may log onto the Court’s Web site at, under “Attorney Resources,” and “Search the MDFL Roster” to check their status. Only attorneys who are members of the Court’s Bar will receive, and should submit, a signed renewal form and fee.

The renewal fee is $20, which will cover a two-year period, payable every even-numbered year. All renewal forms and fees are due July 15. Those attorneys who are considered to be delinquent must reapply for membership at a cost of $165 before they may practice in the Middle District.

Information about the USDC-MDFL renewal process, and applying for membership, is available on the Court’s Web site under “Attorney Resources.”

Information relating to the 2008 and 2009 attorney renewal process will also be posted in each MDFL divisional office.

[Revised: 04-23-2017 ]