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Apply to Become a Leadership Academy Fellow

Participation in the Leadership Academy requires a commitment of time and money. Discuss this application with your employer and together review the program requirements. Also note that once you start the application, you will not be able to save it and come back later.

This application includes three essay questions, which you may want to work on before you get started. In 250 words or fewer, per question, describe:

  1. Why do you want to participate in the Leadership Academy, what do you expect to gain from the experience, and how would your selection contribute to the Academy’s mission?
  2. What suggestions would you give to facilitate collaboration among attorneys to increase minority participation and involvement in the legal profession?
  3. What qualities are most important for leadership positions in The Florida Bar or other organizations?

Include in your answers any situations in which you worked with other people in furtherance of a group objective, overcame a significant challenge, or advocated for and/or achieved a change benefitting a group or the community generally.

You will also need to upload:

  • a letter of recommendation.
  • a high-resolution professional photo, and
  • your resume.

This form is no longer accepting applications.