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July 2021 Meeting Summary

Report from BOG

The Florida Bar Board of Governors met in person (with some members attending via Zoom video conference) on July 23, 2021. The  and reports received included:

The Board Technology Committee reported that a recent three-month “beta” test of a  was an unqualified success. Surveys showed that Bar members who called for help with their mostly routine IT problems were more than satisfied. The service was promoted primarily to the solo and small firm members who typically can’t afford a full-time IT staff. The committee voted to “explore options” on adding the service to the Member Benefits Program.

The Board approved the reversal of a Standing Committee on Advertising decision that found a law firm’s use of UF mascots in a series of TV ads impermissible under Rule 4-7.15(c), which prohibits lawyers from using advertisements that feature celebrity images or voices. The committee concluded that the mascots did not constitute an “individual” or a “person” under the definition of “celebrity” included in the comment for the rule. 

The Board also approved an amendment to Rule 3-7.16(d) that clarifies that the Bar will not take action on a complaint against a constitutional officer while that person remains in office. There was also new commentary added to clarify that the governor has the authority to remove constitutional officers. The amendment must be approved by the Florida Supreme Court to become final.

The Board also approved adding two services to the Member Benefits Program:

  • Coaxis Hosting Solutions – provides fully managed hosting, IaaS, hybrid cloud, back up, file sync and share, and encrypted/compliant communications. The company will offer Bar members discounts based on the type of service.
  • “Hire an Esquire” – is a resource for law firms and in-house legal departments to find on-demand contract talent with over 13,000 vetted attorneys, paralegals, and associates available to assist with cases.

Learn more about the more than  for practice and personal needs.

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