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Board of Governors Meeting Preview – May 2020

The following items are up for action or discussion at the May 15, 2020, Board of Governors virtual meeting as of today (changes may occur before the meeting). Please contact your board representative(s) if you have any input or questions. For more information on any of the following items, read this Florida Bar News article about the meeting and view the agenda here .

  • A recommendation from the Board’s Rules Committee on a proposal by the Florida Commission on Access to Civil Justice to create an “Advanced Florida Registered Paralegal” (or AFRP) in Bar rules will be considered. The Access Commission requested conceptual approval by the Board before it forwards its proposed amendments to the Supreme Court for consideration. The proposal is intended to expand access by allowing designated AFRPs to provide limited civil legal services to clients while still under a lawyers’ supervision. This Bar News article provides additional information on the proposal and the committee’s recommendation.
  • A proposed change to the standards for board certification in Rule 6-3.5 is up for final action. The amendment would clarify that the practice of law may be further defined in individual certification areas. The purpose is to assist board-certified members who transition to mediation or arbitration in later years of practice in maintaining their certifications.
  • A final report and recommendations from Special Committee on Non-Voting Board Appointments will be presented. Tasked with reviewing implementation of a standing board policy to ensure diverse representation and inclusion in the Board’s deliberations, the special committee met numerous times, held a town hall meeting during the Bar’s Winter Meeting, and conducted a survey. Recommendations focus on assisting future presidents in applying the policy to best address ever-changing issues and challenges in the profession. Florida Bar News coverage of the special committee’s work begins here .