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Board of Governors Meeting Preview – May 2022

The following items are up for action or discussion at the May 20, 2022, meeting of the Board of Governors as of today; changes may occur before the meeting. Please  if you have any input or questions. This  provides additional details.


The  is on the board agenda to present its final recommendations, many of which would require Supreme Court approval. They include a proposed Supreme Court Administrative Order establishing a revised and updated “Code for Resolving Professionalism Referrals,” and more uniform procedures for local professionalism panels (LLPs) in each judicial circuit. Another proposal is to increase the number of professionalism CLE credits lawyers must earn every three-year reporting cycle to 3 hours. At least one of the three hours would be a Florida Bar-produced CLE centering on the mechanics of professionalism and the local professionalism panels.


The  expects to provide its recommendations for implementing a statewide, automated platform for resolving civil disputes. The task force has reviewed systems from around the world and across the nation, as well as platforms that are operational or have been piloted in Florida judicial circuits. If the Board of Governors approves the recommendations, they will be forwarded to the Florida Supreme Court.


In addition, the board is scheduled to receive a report from the  “Condominium Law and Policy on Life Safety Issues Advisory Task Force.” The panel was formed in the wake of the collapse of Champlain Towers South Condominium that claimed the lives of 98 Surfside residents. The panel has proposed a series of reforms, some of which were included in bills filed in the January regular legislative session. While the committee did not advocate for specific legislation, it was formed as a resource for policymakers.


The board is also expected to:

  • Consider objections to the Fiscal Year 22-23 Budgets for The Florida Bar.
  • Elect members to the Board’s Executive Committee.
  • Consider the permissibility of two proposed TV ads that feature testimonials by a former client who is also a former NBA player.
  • Make a series of appointments and nominations, including lawyer nominees, to fill vacancies on the Florida Board of Bar Examiners.
  • Begin reviewing Bar legislative positions for the 2020-2022 biennium, including those of committees, sections, and divisions, which under Standing Board Policy 9.20 (e), will sunset in July.
  • Consider proposed rule amendments:
    • Adding a character and fitness evaluation to the application and reapplication process in the Florida Registered Paralegal Program.
    • Requiring electronic filing of records in bar disciplinary cases in numerous rules in Chapter 3.
    • Requiring lawyer referral services/qualifying providers to have lawyers from at least 4 separate firms on their panel in order for lawyers to participate.
    • Sunsetting Antitrust and Trade Regulation Law certification for new applicants.