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September 2019 Meeting Preview

BOG Meeting Preview – September 2019

This email was sent to all Florida Bar members to provide information on items for action or discussion coming up at the September 20, 2019, Board of Governors meeting.

Action Items

A proposal by the Special Committee on Technologies Affecting the Practice of Law that would create a voluntary registered legal service provider program is scheduled for final action. It would strengthen protection of the public and expand economic opportunity for Bar members while promoting cooperative relationships with online providers. If the board votes in favor, the proposal would still require Florida Supreme Court approval.

In other action, the board is also scheduled to:

  • Report of the Rules of Judicial Administration Committee. Read the latest Florida Bar News article on the possible changes to the Rules of Judicial Administration before the Board in December.
  • Decide whether it is misleading for a law firm to take over the widely publicized 1-800-411-PAIN phone number because callers are likely to associate it with the now-defunct qualifying provider service rather than an actual law firm.
  • Decide whether to support another advertising committee finding that a law firm’s billboard featuring the phrase, “ambulances chase us,” is misleading because it is both illegal and unethical for ambulance drivers to solicit cases for lawyers.
  • Address a request by the Supreme Court for a rule amendment to allow applicants for military spouse certification to practice as certified legal interns while their applications are pending.

See the full agenda.