The Florida Bar

Justice Harry Lee Anstead Award for Florida Bar Board Certified Lawyer of the Year

Board Certification logoThe Justice Harry Lee Anstead Award, presented annually to a Florida Board Certified lawyer or judge, recognizes exemplary professionalism, excellence, character and commitment to The Florida Bar’s certification program and to the practice of law.

The deadline to nominate for the 2024 Anstead Award is May 15.

The criteria for the award are as follows:

  • Board certified attorney or judge. (Award may be given posthumously to an attorney who would have otherwise met the requirements.)
  • Substantial and positive influence on professionalism locally, statewide or nationally either through exemplary professional behavior during a career at law serving as a role model for others, or notable projects or activities advancing professionalism (e.g., extraordinary mentoring, extensive service on Bar professionalism committees, leadership within the Bar, etc.). Age or number of years as an attorney shall not necessarily qualify or disqualify a nominee.
  • Positive influence on or advancement of Florida Bar board certification through mentoring of attorneys or law school students, faculty service for certification review courses or certification-related CLE courses, or service on a Florida Bar certification committee or the Board of Legal Specialization and Education.
  • Florida Bar member in good standing with no record of Florida Bar disciplinary action.
  • Solid reputation for professionalism and character.
  • A history of teaching, mentoring, or providing an outstanding example for younger lawyers.

Past Recipients of the Justice Harry Lee Anstead Award

2023 Judge Robert L. Dietz
2022 Michael J. Corso
2021 Mark Touby
2020 Anthony C. Musto
2019 Manuel Farach
2018 Meredith Level (1961-2017)
2017 Tracey J. Hyde
2016 Terry L. Fogel
2015 Thomas Bert Feiter
2014 Joni Armstrong Coffey
2013 Kimberly A. Ashby
2012 Gerald F. Richman
2011 Amy U. Hickman
2010 Michael G. Tanner
2009 Adele I. Stone
2008 Alan G. Greer
2007 Ralph Artigliere
2006 John J. “Jake” Schickel
2005 R. Thomas “Tom” Elligett, Jr.