The Florida Bar

Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Board Certification

Board Certification logoThis annual award recognizes excellence and creativity by a Florida Bar Board Certified lawyer or a law firm in advancing the public’s knowledge of and appreciation for legal board certification.

Accepted entries may include newsletters, brochures, news stories, speeches, PowerPoint presentations, mementos, special events, and print, radio and television advertisements that raise awareness about board certification for lawyers in Florida.

The nomination deadline for the 2024 Award for Excellence is May 15.

The criteria for the award are as follows:

  • Materials should be distinctive and related to the promotion of board certification: graphics, slogans, special events, advertising, etc.
  • Materials, if subject to Florida Bar advertising rules, must have been approved by The Florida Bar Standing Committee on Advertising.
  • Candidates must be board-certified attorneys or law firms that employ board-certified attorneys.

Past Recipients of the Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Board Certification

2023 Plata Schott Law
2022 Jennifer Diaz
2021 Eddie Stephens
2020 Jamie Moses
2019 Candice K. Brower
2018 Statewide Guardian ad Litem Program
2017 GrayRobinson, Attorneys at Law
2016 Charles Allen Morehead, III and Gary M. Singer of “Legal News and Review.”
2015 Palm Beach Chapter
2014 Florida Assoc. for Women Lawyers Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office
2012 Stacy Beaulieu
2010 Mark P. Terry
2009 Dorothy F. Easley
2008 Spohrer & Dodd
2007 Fox, Wackeen, Dungey, Beard, Sobel, Bush & McCluskey