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International Litigation & Arbitration

Board Certification Applications for Lawyers

All applicants for board certification in International Litigation & Arbitration should carefully read the Chapter 6.31 of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar and be sure you have met each of the requirements prior to filing your application.  Unless the Rules provide for a waiver of a specific requirement, each of the requirements must be met by the dates indicated in the rule.  There is a link to the Rules located below on this page.

Get Certified – Seeking Certification

The examination specifications and standing committee policies are being developed.  These items, along with the application, will be posted online May, 2018.

The filing period opens September 1, 2018.  Applications must be postmarked by

October 31, 2018.  You must apply in this filing period to be considered for eligibility for the 2019 exam or if you may be filing for certification under the waiver provision.  Carefully read the rules for initial certification to determine if you will meet the requirements.

Certification CLE Hours Requirement.  To View your Board Certification CLE credit hours online:   Log in to your Florida Bar account and select “Show More” in the My Board Certifications section.  Click “Show All” and select International Litigation and Arbitration from the drop-down menu.  Select the “Credit History” tab.  It is recommended that you see how many hours are required for certification and the date the hours must be completed to qualify.