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Certification Logos

Board Certified Logo

Board Certified Logo

The Board Certified logo is available for download in the following formats:
Logo JPEG / Logo PDF
(Right-click on logos, then click Save Image As to download the image to your filing system.)


  • The Registered symbol symbol must appear on the logo at all times.
  • In conjunction with the logo you may also use the board certification slogan ‘Evaluated for Professionalism and Tested for Expertise.’
  • All attorney advertising, marketing and communication must comply with the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar 4-7, information about legal services.
  • Advertising or promotional pieces (including letterhead) for firms, must list the individual certified attorney(s) by name and field of specialty. This is meant to avoid confusing the public by implying that the law firm as a whole is certified by The Florida Bar.

Area Specific Logos

The logos are available in JPEG format. Specialty area must appear at all times in individual lawyer advertising adjacent to the logo.