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Contact a Board Certification Specialist

Name Certification Area Phone number
Allison Armour Aviation Law; Construction Law; International Law; and State & Federal Government & Administrative Practice 850-561-3143
Charlotte Bell Education Law; Intellectual Property; Workers’ Compensation; Data Manager 850-561-5768
Ashleigh Bolstridge Appellate Practice; Juvenile Law; Wills, Trusts and Estates 850-561-3152
Paige Dooley-Levy Adoption Law; City, County & Local Government Law; Health Law; and Labor & Employment Law 850-561-5737
Jaclyn O’Hara Civil Trial Law 850-561-5690
Jacob Henderson International Litigation & Arbitration; Marital & Family Law 850-561-5805
Laurinda Jackson Criminal Appellate, Criminal Trial Law, Elder Law, Antitrust 850-561-5697
Chyra Reynolds Admiralty and Maritime Law; Business Litigation; Immigration & Nationality Law; and Tax Law 850-561-5736
Jasmine Rodriguez Condominium & Planned Development Law and Real Estate Law 850-561-5738