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Constitutional Judiciary Committee

The charge of the Constitutional Judiciary Committee is to strengthen the public’s understanding of the role of the judicial branch of government, the Constitution, the rule of law, and the role of judges and juries in the administration of justice. The committee oversees Benchmarks: Raising the Bar on Civics Education; the Bar’s Merit Retention poll; and the Judicial Candidate Voluntary Self-Disclosure Statements.


Benchmarks: Raising the Bar on Civics Education

This civics education program for adults offers attorneys and judges presentations that they can use when they speak to adult civic and community groups. Increasing public awareness of how the government and courts work is a critical mission for The Florida Bar.

Merit Retention Poll

Since 1978, The Florida Bar has polled in-state members about whether appellate jurists in merit retention elections should be retained in office.

Staff Contact:  Susannah Lyle, 850-561-5669

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