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Florida Registered Paralegal Program Committee

The committee is comprised of seven members appointed by the President of The Florida Bar. Three of the members of the committee are paralegals, at least two of whom are Florida Registered Paralegals (FRP). One member of the committee is a paralegal educator. The paralegal educator may be a lawyer or a nonlawyer. The remaining members of the committee are members of The Florida Bar. The President will designate the chair and vice-chair of the committee.

The members of the committee will serve a three year term. Continuous service of a committee member will not exceed six years. No person may be reappointed to the committee for a period of 3 years after a term of six years of membership on that committee. The initial appointments to the committee will be on staggered terms determined by the President of The Florida Bar.

Mission Statement

The Florida Registered Paralegal Program Committee is charged with assisting in the implementation of the Florida Registered Paralegal program. In addition, the duties of the committee include proposing rule amendments to Chapter 20 to the board of governors and appropriate board committees, setting policy for the program within the rules governing the program, and providing guidance to bar counsel and the district paralegal committees. The committee may adopt such procedural rules, subject to review by the board of governors, for its activities as may be required to enable the committee to fulfill its functions.

Staff Contact:  Shannon Fleming  Phone: 850-561-5840