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Citizens Advisory Committee


The Citizens Advisory Committee provides a vehicle for two-way communication between Florida’s citizens and The Florida Bar to inform and educate the public about significant legal-justice issues and to gain public understanding and support.


Committee membership consists of up to no more than three lawyers and no fewer than 12 nonlawyers who are Florida residents for a total of 15 members. The Chair or Vice Chair must be a current or past member of The Florida Bar Board of Governors. Members are nominated by current or past Board of Governors or Citizens Advisory members.


Legal & Judicial System Volunteer Opportunities for Nonlawyers: To involve more Floridians in the state’s legal and justice systems, The Florida Bar’s Citizens Advisory Committee has compiled information, links, and contacts of more than a dozen ways nonlawyer volunteers may apply for appointments. These resources are posted at

Citizen Advisory Committee Charter – Mission, Objectives, Scope of Responsibility

2023-24 member biographies and photos

2024 Travel Reimbursement Form

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Staff Contact: Jennifer Krell Davis   Phone: 850-561-5670

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