The Florida Bar

Standard Jury Instructions Committee – Civil Cases

The Standard Jury Instructions (SJI) Committee — Civil Cases is a committee consisting of attorneys and judges who are appointed by the Florida Supreme Court and meet several times a year to review and amend the jury instructions used by the civil courts.

Staff Contact: Krys Godwin, 850-561-5706

The SJI Committee – Civil Cases work page includes agendas, minutes, lists and more.

Committee Members

Chair, Jeffrey A. Cohen
Carlton Fields PA
100 SE 2nd St., Ste. 4200
Miami, FL 33131
[email protected]

Vice Chair, Daniel B. Rogers, Miami
Joseph L. Amos, Jr., Orlando
Hon. Linda H. Babb, Circuit Judge, Sixth Judicial Circuit, Dade City
Nicholas A. Brown, Tampa
Hon. Frank Brown, Reemployment Assistance Appeals, Tallahassee
Hon. Beatrice A. Butchko, Eleventh Judicial Circuit, Miami
Jack Day, St. Petersburg
Hon. Carlos H. Gamez, Eleventh Judicial Circuit, Miami
Hon. Paige Gillman, Fifteenth Judicial Circuit, West Palm Beach
Bryan S. Gowdy, Jacksonville
Barbara W. Green, Coral Gables
Hon. Robert M. Gross, Fourth District Court of Appeal, West Palm Beach
James W. Gustafson, Jr., Tallahassee
Hon. John M. Harris, Fifth District Court of Appeal, Daytona Beach
Lacey Diggs Hofmeyer, Ft. Lauderdale
Hon. Norma Lindsey, Third District Court of Appeal, Miami
Daniel J. Kissane, Jacksonville
Robert M. Klein, Miami
Douglas J. McCarron, Coral Gables
Seth Miles, Miami
Stephanie Miles, Tampa
Hon. Virginia Norton, Fourth Judicial Circuit, Jacksonville
Jason L. Odom, Vero Beach
Hon. Stephanie Williams Ray, First District Court of Appeal, Tallahassee
Jack Reiter, Miami
Hon. Samuel Salario, Jr., Second District Court of Appeal, Lakeland
Matthew D. Schultz, Pensacola
Nichole J. Segal, West Palm Beach
Jonathan B. Trohn, Lakeland
Alan F. Wagner, Tampa
Christine L. Welstead, Miami
Hon. Kathryn D. Weston, Seventh Judicial Circuit, DeLand
Jennifer Taylor Williams, Miami
Cheryl L. Worman, Jacksonville
Melvin B. Wright, Orlando

Ex Officio:
Hon. James Manly Barton II
Joseph Lang, Jr.

Tom Seider, Tampa