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Standard Jury Instructions Committee – Contract and Business Cases

The Standard Jury Instructions (SJI) Committee — Contract and Business Cases is a committee consisting of attorneys and judges who are appointed by the Florida Supreme Court and meet several times a year to review and amend the jury instructions used within civil courts regarding contract and business cases.

SJI Contract and Business Materials

Staff Contact: Mikalla Davis,  850-561-5663

Committee Members

The Hon. Paul Huey, Tampa Chair
Mr. Mark A. Boyle, Sr., Fort Myers, Vice Chair
Mr. Chris W. Altenbernd, Tampa
Mr. Richard Lee Barrett, Orlando
Mr. Richard Benrubi, West Palm Beach
Mr. Ronnie Bitman, Lake Mary
Mr. Jeffrey L. Burns, Pensacola
The Hon. Janet Croom, Vero Beach
Mr. Manuel, Farach, Fort Lauderdale
Mr. Ronald M. Gache, Boca Raton
The Hon. Geoffrey Gentile, Fort Myers
Mr. Jerry M. Gewirtz, Tampa
Ms. Tracy R. Gunn, Tampa
Mr. Lee L. Haas, Clearwater
Mr. James McCann, West Palm Beach
The Hon. Lisa T. Munyon, Orlando
Mr. Mark Nation, Longwood
Mr. Mark Osherow, Boca Raton
Mr. Mitchell O. Palmer, Bradenton
Mr. Harry A. Payton, Miami
Ms. Adina Pollan, Jacksonville
Mr. Scott Rost, Orlando
Mr. Albert A. Sanchez, Sarasota
The Hon. Donald Scaglione, Brooksville
Ms. Stephanie Serafin, West Palm Beach
Mr. Martin B. Sipple, Tallahassee
Ms. Donna Solomon, Fort Lauderdale
Mr. Kenneth G. Turkel, Tampa
Honorable Gary L. Wilkinson, Jacksonville
Mr. Steele Williams, Sarasota
Supreme Court Liaison: Honorable Robert Luck