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Special Committee on AI Tools & Resources


The Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence Tools & Resources shall recommend to the Board of Governors actions and AI tools to assure the proper and effective use and adoption of artificial intelligence to further the purpose of service to lawyers and the public, how AI interacts with our current rules, how it may change various aspects of the practice of law, and how it may improve access to justice. The committee will take a holistic approach to constantly evolving AI and its use in the law. It will seek and identify artificial intelligence tools for lawyers and examine methods to provide education, communication, resources, and assistance to lawyers (and possibly the public) about AI tools to ensure lawyers understand the utility and convenience of embracing artificial intelligence while maintaining the obligation and duty of the lawyer’s independent judgment. Further the committee will see how AI interacts with our current rules and regulations.

Staff Liaison: Christine Bilbrey  866-730-2020

Committee Members