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Allison Carden Sackett, Division Director
Donald Dunn, Legal Administrator
Christine Mitchell, Legal Administrative Secretary IV, 850-561-5774

Lawyer Regulation
Patricia Ann Toro Savitz, Staff Counsel
Christine Mitchell, Legal Administrative Secretary IV, 850-561-5774

Attorney Consumer Assistance Program
Shanell Schuyler, Director
Susan Austin, Program Administrator, 850-561-5719

Ethics and Consumer Protection Division
Gypsy Bailey, Director and General Counsel
Joni Hooks, Administrative Support IV, 850-561-5662
For questions about ethics or lawyer advertising, please call the Ethics Hotline at, 800-235-8619

Diversity and Inclusion
Arnell Bryant-Willis, Diversity Initiatives Manager
Tameika Wright, Program Coordinator

Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism
Rebecca Bandy, Director
Beth Kirkland, Program Coordinator, 850-561-5743

Unlicensed Practice of Law Counsel
William Spillias, UPL Counsel
Jeffrey T. Picker, Assistant Counsel
Melanie Woodall, Legal Administrative Secretary III, 850-561-5840

Ethics & Advertising Department
Elizabeth Clark Tarbert, Ethics Counsel
Assistant Ethics Counsel: Joy A. Bruner, Huy-Yen Cam Bailey, Jonathan Grab, Jeffrey M. Hazen, LiliJean Quintiliani, Kelly N. Smith and Heather Telfer

Rule Amendments
Elizabeth Clark Tarbert, Ethics Counsel
850-561- 5780

Florida Registered Paralegal Program
Shannon Fleming, FRP Assistant Director

Client’s Security Fund
Celia Connell, 850-561-5812
Rick Courtemanche, 850-561-5788


Tallahassee Lawyer Regulation

Alan Anthony Pascal, Chief Branch Discipline Counsel
651 East Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2300

Circuits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 14

Bar Counsel: Olivia Paiva Klein, Shanee’ L. Hinson, Carlos Leon and Jim Fisher

Unlicensed Practice of Law
Karen Dexter, Branch UPL Counsel

Tampa Lawyer Regulation

Sheila M. Tuma, Chief Branch Discipline Counsel
2002 N. Lois Ave., Ste. 300
Tampa, Florida 33607

Circuits: 6, 12, 13, 20

Bar Counsel: Lisa B. Hurley, Katrina Brown, Lindsey Guinand, Kimberly Stephenson, Robyn Dillon and Evan Rosen

Unlicensed Practice of Law
Maria L. Torres, Branch UPL Counsel
Carol B. Sullivan, Legal Administrative Secretary
813-875-9821, ext. 4323

Orlando Lawyer Regulation

Jan K. Wichrowski, Chief Branch Discipline Counsel
The Gateway Center
1000 Legion Place, Suite 1625
Orlando, Florida 32801-1050

Circuits: 5, 7, 9, 10, 18, 19

Bar Counsel: Kenneth Bryk, Carrie Lee, Karen Bankowitz Laura N. Gryb, Ashley Taylor Morrison and Daniel James Quinn

Unlicensed Practice of Law
Ghunise Coaxum, Branch UPL Counsel
Carolyn Thompson, Legal Administrative Secretary
407-425-0473, ext. 4421

Ft. Lauderdale Lawyer Regulation

William Mulligan, Chief Branch Discipline Counsel
Lake Shore Plaza II
1300 Concord Terrace Suite 130
Sunrise, FL 33323

Circuits: 15, 17, 20B

Bar Counsel: Joi L. Pearsall, Navin Ramnath, Frances Brown-Lewis, Randi K. Lazarus and Linda Gonzalez

Unlicensed Practice of Law
Algeisa Vazquez, Branch UPL Counsel
Diane Kinishi, Legal Administrative Secretary
954-835-0233, ext. 4148

Miami Lawyer Regulation

Arlene K. Sankel, Chief Branch Discipline Counsel
Suite M100, Rivergate Plaza
444 Brickell Avenue
Miami, Florida 33131-2404

Circuits: 11, 16

Bar Counsel: Jennifer Falcone, Tonya Avery, Keri Joseph and Rita Florez

Unlicensed Practice of Law
Jacquelyn P. Needelman, Branch UPL Counsel
Andrea Hensley, Legal Secretary
305-377-4445, ext. 4218