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The Florida Bar
651 E. Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300

(850) 561-5600

Office hours are from 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday – Friday

NOTICE: Florida Bar staff members cannot provide legal advice.
If you need legal advice on a specific legal problem or are seeking advice on how to proceed in handling a legal problem please contact an attorney. You can use The Bar’s Find a Lawyer or Lawyer Referral Service to locate an attorney in your area. Staff members whose extensions range from x5601 to x5859 can be dialed directly. 850-561+extension

Admiralty Law x5630
Advertising (Lawyer) x5780
Animal Law x5620
Annual Convention x5614
Appellate Court Rules x5702
Audit Committee x5636
Aviation Law x5650
Board of Legal Specialization and Education x5850
Budget Committee x5636
Certification Appeals x5850
Citizens Advisory x5850
Civil Procedure Rules x5663
Clients’ Security Fund x5812
Code and Rules of Evidence x5663
Communications x5762
Consumer Protection Law x5669
Constitutional Judiciary x5669
Continuing Legal Education Comm. x5619
Criminal Procedure Rules x5702
Disciplinary Procedure (rule drafting only) x5823
Disciplinary Review x4128
Diversion Programs x5719
Diversity and Inclusion x3195
Education Law Committee x5621
Eminent Domain x5628
Executive Committee x5759
Family Law Rules x5663
Federal Court Practice x5707
Florida Bar Building Corporation x5636
Florida Bar Center Commission x5636
Florida Bar/Journal News x5686
Florida Registered Paralegal Committee & District Committees x5840
Grievance Committees x5781
Grievance Mediation & Fee Arbitration x5719
Investment Committee x5636
Judicial Nominating Procedures x5670
Juvenile Court Rules x5663
Law Related Education x5773
Leadership Academy x3195
Lawyer Referral Service x5807
Legal Needs of Children x5711
Legal Specialization and Education x5850
Legislation Committee x3177
Media and Communications Law x5766
Member Benefits x5700
Military Affairs x5620
Prepaid Legal Service x5631
Probate Rules x5702
Pro Bono Legal Services Committee x5793
Pro Bono Service Awards Ceremony x5764
Professional Ethics x5780
Professional Ethics/Board Review x5780
Professionalism Commission/Committee x5747
Program Evaluation x5649
Rules of Judicial Administration x5706
Senior Lawyers x5707
Small Claims Rules x5702
Student Education and Admissions to the Bar x5747
Traffic Court Rules x5702
UPL (Standing/Circuit) x5840
Voluntary Bar Liaison x5773
Workers’ Compensation Rules Advisory Committee x5852