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Diversity / Inclusion

Mission: To increase diversity and inclusion in The Florida Bar so that the Bar will reflect the demographics of the state, to develop opportunities for community involvement, and to make leadership roles within the profession and The Florida Bar accessible to all attorneys, including those who are racially, ethnically and culturally diverse, women, members of the LGBTQ community and persons with disabilities.

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Upcoming Event

2022 Henry T. Latimer Diversity & Inclusion Luncheon

Friday, June 24 | Noon-1:30 p.m.

This event is held in conjunction with the Annual Florida Bar Convention. Cost to attend is $50; add to your cart when you register for Convention.

Please RSVP to let us know you’ll be there, and remember, you must also register to attend.


Sia Baker-Barnes, Henry T. Latimer Diversity Award Recipient
Sia Baker-Barnes, Henry T. Latimer Diversity Award Recipient
State Sen. and Minority Leader Pro Tempore Bobby Powell, Emcee
State Sen. and Minority Leader Pro Tempore Bobby Powell, Emcee
The Hon. Monique Worrell, State Attorney, 19th Circuit, Keynote Speaker
The Hon. Monique Worrell, State Attorney, 9th Circuit, Keynote Speaker

Awards Presented

  • Virgil Hawkins Florida Chapter National Bar Association Affiliate Chapter of the Year Award
  • Florida Association for Women Lawyers Rosemary Barkett Outstanding Achievement Award
  • The Florida Bar Standing Committee on Diversity & Inclusion Committee Outstanding Diversity Leadership Grant Award



Following recommendations from the Program Evaluation Committee, The Florida Bar in 2010 overhauled its diversity efforts and created the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

The Board of Governors approved the 12 recommendations, including adopting a definition of diversity, transferring functions of the Member Outreach Committee to the new committee, and creating a Florida Bar diversity grant program for local bars.

Get Involved in the Path to Unity in The Florida Bar

Definition of Diversity

The term “diversity” has a dynamic meaning that changes as the demographics of Floridians change. Apart from differences in race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, and geography, to mention a few, the public and our profession will experience changes in thought, culture, and beliefs. These demographics are constantly in flux. Defining “diversity” based on current differences would limit its application to future changes, and likewise restrict or limit The Florida Bar’s consideration of and response to such changes.

–The Florida Bar Board of Governors, May 2010

Commitment to Promoting Diversity

The Florida Bar is fully committed to the enhancement of diversity within the Bar, the legal profession, legal education, and in the justice system, and affirms its commitment toward a diverse and inclusive environment with equal access and equal opportunity for all.

–The Florida Bar Board of Governors, May 2010

The Florida Bar President’s Special Task Force

Florida Bar President Eugene Pettis appointed an 11-member task force in February 2014 to determine why diverse candidates were not applying for Judicial Nominating Commission appointment or for judgeships. The task force issued a report in May 2014.