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Our profession has allowed me to be different while making a difference.”
Timothy A. Moran

Volunteering to better the profession is very rewarding.”
– Juliet M. Roulhac 


Please join one of our committees of dedicated members who volunteer their time for the betterment of our profession.

It is a privilege to practice law in this state, and with that privilege comes a responsibility. We need the active engagement of our membership to work together to address the many challenges facing our profession. You can be a part of our joint effort; simply submit your committee preference form available from Dec. 1 – Jan. 15.

Serving on a Florida Bar committee can be a meaningful and rewarding experience. It will also provide you with the opportunity to enhance our profession and to improve the services we provide the citizens of our state and our members

All Florida Bar members are invited to get involved in one or more of The Florida Bar’s sections, divisions, or committees. These various volunteer groups, along with the Board of Governors, do much of the work of The Florida Bar.

Participation within the Bar offers an opportunity to serve in an area of personal interest, gain concentrated information and education, and develop a professional network.

Through division, section, and committee membership, lawyers can focus their involvement in an area of the law that most interests them. Membership offers education as well as a forum for lawyers who share similar interests in a specific legal field to share experiences.

The work of The Florida Bar’s divisions, sections, and committees provides cutting edge programs, rule development, and practices that are recognized on a national scale.
This year we are offering a roadmap to assist in finding the opportunity that fits YOU and YOUR ORGANIZATION’S MEMBERS.

Take the step to increase your participation in a Florida Bar division, section, or committee. Our programs are designed to ENHANCE your KNOWLEDGE of law and provide increased OPPORTUNITY for professional NETWORKING which can make you a better lawyer.

To serve on a standing or substantive law committee, you must be a member in good standing, pursuant to Bylaw 2-8.1, and file a COMMITTEE PREFERENCE FORM. The form is online each year from December 1 thru January 15 and can be completed and submitted online during this period. REMEMBER TO APPLY FOR YOUR FIRST, SECOND, AND THIRD CHOICES. Appointments are made in the spring by the president-elect for the new committees beginning each year on July 1.

Section descriptions are on our website. Section membership is voluntary and membership rates are modest. All sections are involved in the production of specialized CLE seminars or publications in cooperation with The Florida Bar’s continuing education program.

Most committee appointments are for one-year with the maximum reappointment of three years. Cost and travel associated with most committees is nominal. The major work of the committee is often conducted by subcommittees via conference calls.

More than 46,500 of The Florida Bar’s 106,000 members belong to one or more of The Florida Bar’s sections, while more than 24,339 belong to the Young Lawyers Division.

Standing Committees
Over 2,000 Bar members serve on 74 standing committees. These appointments are made by the president-elect of the Bar.

Bar Services Committees
Certification Committees (must be certified)
Court Rules Committees
Public Service Committees
Substantive Law Committees


Special Committees
Special committees are appointed to study and make recommendations in response to issues of significance to the legal profession or system of laws in Florida.

Grievance Committees
The 78 local grievance committees are composed of lawyers and nonlawyers and are responsible for continuing the investigation of possible lawyer misconduct referred by Bar discipline attorneys. Nonlawyer applicants must be of legal age and reside in the committee circuit, and lawyer members must be a member of the Bar for five years, pursuant to Rule 3-3.4(c).

Unlicensed Practice of Law Circuit Committees
Complaints alleging that an individual is practicing law without a license are investigated by one of 31 local circuit committees composed of lawyers and nonlawyers. Applicants must reside, or have their principal office, in the committee circuit, pursuant to Rule 10-4.1.

Sections and Divisions
Section membership is voluntary and offers information and education in a specific area of law. Sections also provide opportunities to meet other attorneys within an area of practice.


Additional opportunities for involvement are in local, voluntary, and specialty bar associations. There are over 250 such organizations throughout every judicial circuit across Florida.

Take control. Become an active member in your profession. Encourage others whom you know personally or professionally to get engaged. Divisions, sections, and committees of The Florida Bar are eager to get you involved. Together, we can enhance our skills, strengthen our profession, and serve our communities.

Take your first step- Get Involved: Serve Today and Shape Tomorrow!