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2020 This Talk Isn’t Cheap,” Women of Color and White Women Attorneys Find Common Ground, ABA Commission on Women in the Profession
July 2018 How the Florida Bar is Confronting Gender Bias, Forbes
January 2018 Supreme Court clerks are overwhelmingly white and male. Just like 20 years ago, USA Today
July 2017 ‘A Bleak Picture’ for Women Trying to Rise at Law Firms, The New York Times
April 2017 Top Black Lawyers Share Advice with Young Attorneys of Color, Bloomberg Law Big Law Business
November 2016 Thinking Like Google to Increase Diversity in the Legal Profession, CLP Speaker Series, YouTube
August 2016 Hanna Rosin on the ‘End of Men’, A TEDWomen Update Blog
February 2016 CLP Speaker Series – Challenges & Rewards for Women in the Legal Profession, YouTube
2014 Expanding the Pathways to Gender Equality in the Legal Profession, Hannah Brenner (2014), Legal Ethics, 17:2, 261-280
May 2014 How One Law Firm Maintains Gender Balance, Harvard Business Review
March 2014 Female Lawyers Who Dress Too “Sexy” Are Apparently a “Huge Problem” in the Courtroom, Slate
March 2013 The Still-Tolerated Gender Bias in Science, TED Blog Op-Ed
July/August 2012 Why Women Still Can’t Have It All, The Atlantic
2012 “Women in the Legal Profession” Roundtable: Mentoring and Business Development, YouTube
2010 New Data on the Rise of Women, TEDWomen
2010 Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders, TEDWomen
2006 The Right Mentor Matters: Law Firm Associates Speak Up, American Bar Association Perspectives, Volume 14, Number 4

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Visit the Florida Supreme Court website to review the filing requirements.

The Florida Courts E-Filing Authority Board website is also available for review.

Enhancing the Accessibility of Electronic Information

Survey on Lawyers with Disabilities: In May 2006, the Disability Independence Group and The Florida Bar administered an online survey of Florida lawyers with disabilities. The purpose was to gather demographics information, analyze barriers for lawyers with disabilities in their profession, collect information on accommodations and technical assistance; and ultimately, create a forum for the exploration of issues, strategies and recommendations to enhance the participation of attorneys with disabilities in Florida’s legal communities, in court and out of court.

Executive Summary – Disability Independence Group Report

Disability Independence Group Report and Recommendations

Florida Court E-Filing Authority Board

Do your filings comply with Disability Law?