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Diversity Resources


Diversity Resources

The Supreme Court Standing Committee on Fairness and Diversity

Diversity in the Legal Profession June 2009 Status Report for the 2004 Final Report and Recommendations

Diversity in the Legal Profession 2004 Report
The 2004 Diversity in the Legal Profession Final Report and Recommendations serve as a blueprint for The Florida Bar and others affiliated with the legal profession in Florida to follow in developing a plan to increase participation, retention and representation of diverse attorneys.

Disability Resources

Visit the Florida Supreme Court website to review the filing requirements.

The Florida Courts E-Filing Authority Board website is also available for review.

Resources to accommodate lawyers and clients with disabilities

Enhancing the Accessibility of Electronic Information

ADA Procedures by Court

Survey on Lawyers with Disabilities (2006)
In May 2006, the Disability Independence Group and The Florida Bar administered an online survey of Florida lawyers with disabilities. The purpose was to gather demographics information, analyze barriers for lawyers with disabilities in their profession, collect information on accommodations and technical assistance; and ultimately, create a forum for the exploration of issues, strategies and recommendations to enhance the participation of attorneys with disabilities in Florida’s legal communities, in court and out of court.

Executive Summary – Disability Independence Group Report

Disability Independence Group Report and Recommendations

Florida Court E-Filing Authority Board

Do your filings comply with Disability Law?