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Public Records Requests for Florida Bar Membership Data

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Applicable law
Membership data formats
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The Florida Bar respects the privacy of its members and attempts to limit its own messaging to individual lawyers whenever possible.

However, Florida Bar member addresses and other basic licensee data that is not otherwise exempt from public disclosure may be obtained through a written public records request or by submitting the Public Records Request for Florida Bar Membership Data form to The Florida Bar consistent with Fla.R.Jud.Admin 2.420(i)(1) as further detailed below.

Applicable law

The Florida Bar is an official arm of the Supreme Court of Florida and considered part of the judicial branch. R. Regulating Fla. Bar, Introduction. Consequently, the Bar is subject to our state constitution’s open records provisions in Art I, Sec. 24 which is specifically applicable to the judiciary. (R. Regulating Fla. Bar 1-14.1), Fla.R.Jud.Admin 2.420(a), and In re Amendments, 608 So.2d 472 (Fla. 1992).

By Supreme Court rule (R. Regulating Fla. Bar, 1-3.3) members must provide the Bar with their name, business phone number, a mailing address (plus a physical address of employment, if different from the mailing address), and a business email address if the member has one. Further, the Bar’s website allows members, within certain parameters, to separately post additional personal information in the “Find A Lawyer” listings.

With the exception of legally recognized exemptions, all such member information is considered public, just like similar licensee data maintained by the Department of Business & Professional Regulation for executive branch-regulated professions in Florida, such as accountants, architects, engineers, and others.

The Florida Bar responds to public records requests as required, however release of an attorney’s contact information should not be construed as that person’s consent to receive unsolicited communications in any form. Furthermore, certain unauthorized uses of Bar membership data — or improper messaging with such information — may result in civil or criminal penalties if a member were to seek relief.

Membership data formats

Upon receipt of a valid public records request by The Florida Bar, non-exempt member information will be provided by email and in Excel format, and will include the following standard data fields:

  • member/affiliate bar number
  • member/affiliate name
  • firm name, if provided
  • address (including city/state/zip)
  • county
  • telephone number
  • fax number, if provided
  • email address, if provided

These fields can be sorted by county, circuit, section/division membership or board certification, and may be arranged in zip code order.

Any more specialized records requests beyond the criteria listed above could be subject to assessment of a special service charge authorized by Fla.R.Jud.Admin 2.420(i)(3) and additionally set forth within Florida Statute 119.07(4) if the nature or volume of records requested is such as to require extensive use of information technology resources or extensive clerical or supervisory assistance by Bar personnel, or both.

Member data is not provided on gummed labels or paper lists. Requests for information to be provided on DVD, CD or thumb drive will at least incur charges for that medium.

Public records request form

Fla.R.Jud.Admin 2.420(i)(1) requires that all requests for access to judicial branch records be in writing and directed to the custodian.

To obtain basic Bar member data, please submit your written request detailing the information you seek. To assist you with your written request, the Public Records Request for Florida Bar Membership Data form is provided. There are three ways to submit a request:

If you need more information or have questions, call 850-561-5832.