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Mentoring Initiative Notifications – Counsel to Counsel

The Florida Bar is on track to launch a  new mentoring program, Counsel to Counsel, with personalized matching technology to connect experienced lawyer with new lawyers in September 2023, and the program will be launched at Annual Convention June 21-23 at Boca Raton.

Through Counsel to Counsel, established lawyers can share their insights and experiences with young lawyers – in turn getting fresh perspectives, expanding their networks, and securing their own professional legacies.

Counsel to Counsel will provide opportunities for new lawyers to gain practical experience and learn from established attorneys on how to build a professional reputation and create a successful practice.

Please complete this form to be notified when the program is up and running, and we will periodically provide resources relating to mentoring in general, as well as sign up information when that formally begins.

Participant Requirements

  • Mentor: Must be a member in good standing and have at least five years of experience licensed as a lawyer in Florida.
  • Mentee: Must be a member in good standing and have three or fewer years of experience as a lawyer licensed in Florida, and be employed by a firm with three or fewer lawyers, or be unemployed, at the time of application.
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