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Message from The Florida Bar Executive Director

Dear Fellow Florida Bar Member:

During these difficult times, The Florida Bar continues to be focused on providing the resources and services you need to be productive and successful, and to maintain optimal mental health and wellness.

From free practice management tools and the ability to chat online with a practice management specialist, to free member benefits and discounts on a variety of practice and recreational resources, to health and wellness educational materials, and hours of free CLE, we are doing our very best to assist you.

With that in mind, as we enter The Florida Bar’s annual fee season, we stand ready to assist any members who need additional consideration regarding the payment of fees this year. (We’ve included a short instructional video that explains the online fee statement and payment process.)

There are several options currently in place:

  • If you are currently in a position to pay your 2020-21 Florida Bar annual membership fees, online payment is now available by signing in to the MyFloridaBar Member Portal and clicking on the “Pay My Fees” button on your profile page and using a credit card.
  • If you need to print your statement and mail your payment, this method is also available. Printed statements will be mailed in early summer to any member who has not yet paid electronically.
  • To pay your fees by phone, call the Bar’s Accounting Department at 850-561-5831, option 4.
  • If you expect that you will be unable to pay your fees before the July 1 date, installment payments are available to pay fees in three installments that can extend your final payment to February 1. The installment payment option and first payment must be selected and made prior to August 15.  To select installments online, please log in to the portal, check the box to indicate you are qualified, and the first payment amount will appear. After you elect to make installments for your 2020-21 fees and pay the first installment, you will receive follow-up emails and invoices with additional payment instructions prior to each deadline — by August 15, 2020, November 2, 2020 and February 1, 2021.
  • Law firms wishing to make a single payment for all attorney members should call 850-561-5831, option 3, or email the membership department for assistance.

If you need help accessing your MyFloridaBar account or have questions about your membership status or payment options, call 850-561-5831, option 3, or email the membership department

As we continue to navigate our recovery from the pandemic, I hope you’ll take advantage of everything The Florida Bar offers to help and support you.

Thank you for your continued commitment to your profession and our organization.

Cordially yours,

Joshua E. Doyle, Executive Director
The Florida Bar