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Organized 1992

WELCOME: The purpose of the Division is to provide an organization within The Florida Bar open to persons having an interest in issues of importance to out-of-state members of The Florida Bar; to assist out-of-state lawyers in administrative, educational and practice development issues; with pro bono activities; in relocating to Florida; and in establishing a network of out-of-state members: to aid in the development of laws that eliminate disparate treatment of out-of-state members; to identify the professional needs and objectives of out-of-state members and implement programs to further these objectives; to develop and maintain proper professional relationships between in-state and out-of-state members; to provide a forum for the discussion of issues of interest and; to improve the administration and application of laws, rules and regulations; and to accomplish legitimate legislative objectives of out-of-state members.


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General CLE information.

Free Ethics Tape! As a service to its members, the Out of State Practitioners Division provides, free of charge, an audio tape that provides the member with from 1 to 3 ethics credits. This tape is produced every 18 months and mailed directly to division members.


The division publishes a newsletter three times a year. The Division also produces a CLE tape with one to three hours of ethic CLE credit and mails to members every 18 months.


Budget Committee; Continuing Legal Education Committee; Information Committee; Legislative Committee; Coordination and Liaison Committee; Multi-State Practice Committee and Pro Bono Committee


Florida Bar Member Dues: $35

Affiliate Member Dues: $35

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All members receive section publications, are encouraged to participate in the committees, and are offered an opportunity to network with legal professionals with similar interests. All Florida Bar members in good standing are encouraged to join.