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Know Before You Go


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The Florida Bar Voluntary Bar Liaison Committee is looking forward to welcoming you to the W Fort Lauderdale. We hope you are as excited about attending the conference as we are! These tips will help you plan, pack, and be better prepared.

What to Wear

Conference attendees are encouraged to wear resort casual attire for all conference events, so no suits and ties. Comfort is key – we want you to focus on learning, sharing ideas, and networking! We have only one special request: Get extra tropical for the Friday evening Grande Reception!

Because hotel meeting space can be extremely cold at times (even in the summer), and we have little – if any – control over the hotel’s thermostat, you will want to bring clothing that you can layer in case the meeting rooms’ temperature is not to your liking.

The Florida Bar Voluntary Bar Leader Conference Committee members are your hosts at this conference. If you need anything during the conference or have a question look for those individuals wearing GOOD VIBE TRIBE light blue shirts.

What to Bring

It has become a tradition of this conference that attendees bring a basket/bag/item representative of your area or bar organization that will be given away as part of our drawings at different times during the conference. We kindly ask for your participation to keep the tradition going. Past examples well received by our attendees include a chocolate basket from a local specialty chocolate shop, a beach bag, or a coffee basket. Another idea is a basket that is representative of an event that your local bar hosts, for example, a chili cook-off basket or wine- tasting basket. You can partner with other conference attendees to put together a joint basket/bag. This is a great time to be creative so whatever your theme, someone will feel lucky to win it! Please label the basket so the donor can be recognized.

What to Expect

You will learn a great deal over the course of two days that will help your local voluntary bars and you will meet new people. This year we will have a fun networking game to enhance the GOOD VIBES spirit with great prizes at the end! Be sure to bring business cards to exchange with all your new statewide voluntary bar friends and engage with the sponsors at their exhibit tables for useful and fun swag!!


Valet services for are provided by Towne Park at a cost of $39/per day for overnight parking or $15 per day Monday-Friday and $20 Saturday and Sunday for daily parking.


If you have a conference related issue, you can call or text Beth Feder at 954-393-6402. (Text preferred).