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VBLC: What to Know Before You Go

Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference logo 2024The Florida Bar Voluntary Bar Liaison Committee is looking forward to welcoming you Margaritaville Resort Orlando for the Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference. We hope you are as excited about it as we are! Below are some tips and valuable information as you plan, pack, and prepare.

What to Wear

Dress to impress in resort casual attire throughout the conference — think breezy, not buttoned-up and no suits and ties! Flip flops are perfectly fine. Comfort reigns supreme as you soak up knowledge, connect, and collaborate. Save your splashiest ensemble for our Friday evening Splash Maker Reception.

Keep the chill at bay! Hotel meeting spaces can sometimes feel like the arctic tundra, regardless of the season. Pack, accordingly, ensuring you are prepared to add a layer with a jacket or sweater if the temperature takes a dip.

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Spot our vibrant hosts from The Florida Bar Voluntary Bar Leader Conference Committee by their colorful name tags. Need assistance or have a question? Seek out these cheerful faces — they are here to make your conference experience smooth sailing!

What to Bring

Special invitation: BYOB — Bring Your Own Basket! Join the tradition by bringing a basket reflecting your region or bar organization to be included in our conference drawings. Past favorites include local chocolate, beach gear, or themed-event baskets. Get creative and let your generosity shine! Do not forget to label with your voluntary bar name for recognition.

What to Expect

Anticipate two days packed with learning and networking opportunities that will benefit you and your voluntary bars. Prepare to connect with new acquaintances — remember to bring business cards for fruitful exchanges with your statewide voluntary bar peers. Get ready for a dynamic experience filled with learning and leisure! The 10.5 CLE credit hours information will be shared at the conference.

Unique shops, eateries and entertainment are just steps away at the Promenade at Sunset Walk — a favorite hangout for both locals and visitors. Next door is Island H2O Water Park! Discover exhilarating water slides and relaxing wave pools.


We are here for you!! If you have a conference related issue, you can call or text (preferred) Conference Chair Ana Rodriguez-Newbern, 407-205-8556.

Make a Splash with a special themed gift basket

Choose a Theme:

  • Regional: Showcase local specialties, such as foods, crafts, or souvenirs from your area.
  • Hobby or interest: Cater to specific interests like gardening, cooking, sports, or reading.
  • Event-Based: Design a basket around events like movie nights, spa days, or beach outings.

Select Items that Fit the Theme:

  • Quality and variety: Include a mix of high-quality, relevant items that reflect the theme.
  • Personal touches: Add homemade or locally sourced items for a unique touch.


  • Basket choice: Pick a basket or container that complements the theme.
  • Arrangement: Arrange items neatly and appealingly. Use tissue paper, shredded paper, or fabric to add color and support items.
  • Decorations: Add ribbons, bows, and other decorations to enhance the visual appeal.

Incorporate Unique Elements:

  • Customization: Personalize items if possible, such as monogrammed items or custom labels.
  • Story: Include a note explaining the theme and the significance of each item.

Labeling and Branding:

  • Voluntary bar name: Clearly label the basket for recognition.
  • Theme explanation: Briefly describe the theme and contents for the recipient’s understanding.

Encourage Social Media Sharing:

  • Photo-friendly: Make the basket visually appealing for photos.
  • Hashtags: Encourage recipients to post pictures with hashtags —  #vblc2024 #madeasplash24
A woman holds a wicker basket full of goodies.