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Information Clearinghouse

Sample documents and useful materials to help voluntary bar leaders manage and lead a voluntary bar association.

Public Records Request: Complete the Public Records Request for Florida Bar Membership Data form to request a list of members in good standing with The Florida Bar. Email the completed form to Jeff Doran, who will handle your request. Please allow five business days from date of submission.

Judicial Assistant’s Luncheon Script – Brevard County Association for Women Lawyers
A script recognizing the Judicial Assistants, General Magistrate Assistants and Hearing Officer Assistants at a special event.

Letter of Award Nomination – Tampa Hispanic Bar Assn.
A letter to nominate an attorney for Outstanding Lawyer Award.

Oath of Office – Brevard County Association for Women Lawyers
A scripted oath for installation of officers of local women lawyer’s association.

Oath of Office – Manatee County Bar Assn.
A scripted oath for installation of officers of local bar association.

Gala Script – Coral Gables Bar Association 
A script for the recognition of officers, board members and award winners for a local bar. Includes Oath of Office administered by local judge.

Gala – FINAL Announcement – Tampa Hispanic Bar Association 
A promotion flyer of an event held annually by a specialty bar.

Judicial Investiture and Retirements Policy – Martin County Bar Assn.
A policy that outlines eligibility of contributions for judicial investitures, disbursements, amounts, reciprocal contributions with other voluntary bars, sponsorships, etc.

Budget & Finance Presentation from the 2023 Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference

Budgets and Financial Readiness, 2022 Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference presentation

 Budgets and Finances, August 25, 2020

Address-Label-Order-Form – St. Pete Bar Assn.
A written policy on the sale of address labels, including restrictions of use and signature requirements.

Attaining and Retaining Sponsors
A PowerPoint presentation from the 2017 breakout session led by Seth Price. Includes tips on technology use for maximum visibility.

Budget – Tampa Hispanic Bar Assn.
A sample operating budget for a non-staffed voluntary bar.

Budget Report Social Events – Orange County Bar Assn.
A sample of spreadsheets for a variety of social events where non-dues income is generated.

Budget Worksheet – Marion County Bar Assn.
A simple operating budget for a non-staffed voluntary bar.

Check Request and Reimbursement Form – Orange County Bar Assn.

How to realize a year of magic for your small bar utilizing a shoe-string budget and limited human resources
Idea generating list to help Bar officers of a non-staffed voluntary bar know when and how to do what.

Non-Dues Revenue
Practical techniques on how to successfully secure financial sponsors for your bar association and how to connect with the business world and make your association and its members valuable to the business community.

Request for Petty Cash Form – Orange County Bar Assn.

Tax, Regulatory & Financial Management
Includes information on filing deadlines, reporting, and record retention.

 Facebook for Voluntary Bars – Jan. 31, 2019

 Twitter for Voluntary Bars – Feb. 28, 2019

 Instagram for Voluntary Bars – April 25, 2019

E-Blast Announcement Policy, St. Pete Bar Association
Summary of what qualifies for member email blast announcements

Magazine Ad Rate Sheet, St. Pete Bar Bar Association
Advertising rate sheet, deadlines and other important information on association magazine publication. Also includes description and prices of classified ads and announcements.

Magazine Editorial Guidelines, St. Pete Bar Association
Includes statement of purpose, editorial approval, deadlines, feature article requirements, stylistic considerations, etc.

Mayor Proclamation, Tampa Hispanic Bar Assn. 
A proclamation from the Tampa Mayor recognizing the 10th Anniversary of the Tampa Hispanic Bar Association’s Annual Scholarship Gala Dinner.

Media Relations Policy, Orange County Bar Association
Designates a spokesperson for media questions/inquiries and a secondary person to speak on behalf of the association. Prohibits employees or board members to serve in this capacity unless directed to do so by the President.

Photography Contract, Lake County Bar Association
Specialty contract for photographer and related services on behalf of Association. Includes restrictions on use.

President’s message, Tampa Hispanic Bar Assn.
A sample president’s message for a specific event.

Public Relations Committee Description, Broward Women Lawyers
Goals, objectives and action items for a public relations and social media committee.

Sample Social Media Policy from the Appellate Section of The Florida Bar

The Briefs Magazine Ad Rates, Orange County Bar Association
Advertising rates for a monthly publication. Includes rates, size specifications and deadlines.

Website Committee Description, Broward Women Lawyers
Goals, objectives and action items for a website committee.


Crisis Communication Plan

Don’t Miss Out on the Social

Guidelines for Social Networking

How Good Crisis Communications Can Save the Day

How to Social Smarter, Not Harder
A presentation by The Florida Bar’s social media Public Information Coordinator for Social Media on how you can use social media platforms to take your bar association to the next level.

Illuminations: Website design and content

Making association communications relevant and meaningful – If You Can Dream It You Can Do It

Tech for Bar Associations

These resources will show you how to maintain business continuity for your association and your members.

Guide to Disaster Planning for Bar Associations – ABA Special Committee on Disaster Response and Preparedness

Disaster & Emergency Prepare PPT – Brian Sparks, Esq., WEMT, WFR

A Storm is Brewing: Disaster Planning and Recovery
A presentation on the first-hand experience of voluntary bar leaders who rose to the challenge amidst their communities being struck by disaster.

When Disaster Strikes – Broward County Bar Association, Braulio Rosa

Diversity on the Front Line, presented at the 2022 Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference

ADA Accessibility Checklist

ADA Letter to Voluntary Bar Associations from the Florida Supreme Court

Call to Action Diversity Summit (Miami-Dade)

Diversity Leadership Grant – Section II Outcome Report 2016-17.

Examples Templates of Voluntary Bar Diversity Seminars

Miami-Dade FAWL – Diversity & Inclusion: Accessibility Planning for Meetings and Events

CDI Workshop Materials – Palm Beach County Hispanic Bar Association

Cultural Competency – Broward County Bar Assn.
Promotion flyer on a CLE to promote the ability to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with people across cultures.

Diversity Scholarship – Lake County Bar Assn.
High School graduating senior scholarship description with eligibility requirements, application process, letters of reference and selection process.

Faces in the Law Diversity – St. Petersburg Bar Association
An initiative to improve diversity awareness and inclusion. The mission of the project is to expand the concept of diversity.  The boards are used as a traveling exhibit to area schools to teach students about diversity and encourage children from all backgrounds to consider a law career.

Things a Voluntary Bar Can Do to Create a Diverse Judiciary and Judicial Nominating Commissions

Women Leaders Flyer – Broward County Bar Assn.
A promotional flyer celebrating a Women Leaders in the Law event.

Women Leaders in the Law Committee Goals – Broward Women Lawyers Assn.
Goals, objectives and Action Items to coordinate and implement Women Leaders in the Law events.

Women’s History Celebration Script – Brevard County Women Lawyers Assn.
A script for a voluntary bar association introducing speakers on Gender Bias in the Law.

Change of Command: Successful Leadership Transitions, presented at the 2022 Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference

Non-Staffed Bar Association Sample Handbook, presented at the 2022 Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference

Articles of Incorporation – Jacksonville Bar Association
Original scanned articles of incorporation

Association Handbook – Martin County Bar Association
A guide for all functions, responsibilities and interactions of the Executive Board (Board), committees, potential committees and general membership. Useful for all size voluntary bars.

Association Handbook Addendum – Martin County Bar Association
Excellent summary of guidelines for officers and board members. Includes financial review and reporting, and event release form.

Board Agenda – Coral Gables Bar Association
An example of a small bar board agenda.

Bylaws – Bay County Bar Association
Guidelines for a local, smaller voluntary bar.

Bylaws – Coral Gables Bar Association
Guidelines for membership, meetings, dues, fees, elections, officers, board, nominations, committees, amendments of a local, medium size bar.

Bylaws – Florida Association for Women Lawyers
Guidelines for statewide women’s organization. Includes Amicus Curiae Brief requests/rules.

Bylaws – Florida Family Law American Inn of Court
Guidelines for membership, includes restrictions on the number of members and required attendance.

Bylaws – Indian River County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Guidelines for small, local, specialty bar.

Bylaws – Jacksonville Bar Association
Guidelines for the Board, officers and membership.

Bylaws – Tampa Hispanic Bar Association
Guidelines for a 501(c)3 small corporation to promote the interest of lawyers of a Hispanic origin or descent. Includes language on Indemnification that can apply to all Board members or officers or an organization regardless of size.

Bylaws and Committee Descriptions – Broward Florida Association for Women Lawyers
Guidelines governing the purpose, membership, dues, meetings, board, management, finances, elections and committee structure of a local, specialty bar.

Bylaws Committee – Broward Florida Association for Women Lawyers
Describes the objectives, goals and action items of a medium size specialty bar bylaws committee.

Committee Preference Form – Broward Florida Association for Women Lawyers
A form listing all committees with member opportunities to volunteer. Template can be used for all size bars.

Committees and Responsibilities – Broward Florida Association for Women Lawyers
Complete packet of goals, objectives and action items for all committees within a local, specialty bar association.

Employee Dress Code – Orange County Bar Association
Document provides appropriate and inappropriate office attire for employees of a staffed bar.

Handbook 2018 – The Florida Family Law American Inn of Court
A document to acquaint members with the history, purpose, organization and activities of a local, specialty bar.

Nonstaffed Bar Association Sample Handbook – Coral Gables Bar Association

Proposed Bylaws – Brevard Florida Association for Women Lawyers
Good detail on officer positions. Includes a non-discrimination/ADA policy for venue selection and provides for reasonable accommodation if needed.

Revised Bylaws – Marion County Bar Association
Good road map for small, local bars that may not have formal committees.

Rules and Regulations – Jacksonville Bar Association
Detailed policies, procedures, rules and regulations

Sample Board Member Notice of Absence Letter
A letter highlighting attendance requirements and violations for excessive absences.

President’s Checklist

Officer – Secretary Checklist

Officer – Treasurer Checklist

Board of Director Member Checklist

A Few Tips on Starting a Voluntary Bar Association, Registration and filing information; determining IRS tax status; opportunity to register with The Florida Bar

 Shift Happens! Creating a Cultural Shift: Implementing Wellness Initiatives That Stick – Feb. 25, 2020

2019 Healthy Hour Most Creative Event – Hillsborough County Bar Association Young Lawyer Division’s

2019 Healthy Hour Most Well Attended Winner – Orange County Bar Association

2018 Healthy Hour Most Creative Event – Florida Trial Court Staff Attorneys Association

2018 Healthy Hour Most Well Attended Winner – St. Petersburg Bar Association

Event: Membership Luncheon – “Law Firm Success vs. Wellness” – St. Petersburg Bar Association
Promotion flyer on luncheon event featuring wellness initiatives in a law firm.

Event: Membership Meeting – “Permission to Create Wellness” – St. Petersburg Bar Association
Promotion flyer on luncheon addressing substance use and the mental health of lawyers.

Event: Stetson Clinic Roundtable – “Wellness Warriors Creating a Cultural Shift” – St. Petersburg Bar Association
Promotion flyer on creating a cultural shift to recognizing wellness and implementing change in your environment.

Event: Volleyball Flyer
Promotion flyer on fun volleyball event to improve health and wellness of lawyers.

Happy Healthy Holistic Attorneys Flyer – St. Petersburg Bar Association
A one page summary on wellness focused luncheons implemented by local bar association.

Health Symposium
Joint bar event to encourage healthy living with prevention, postvention and resource expo.

Living Well Give Well Flyer

Mental Health Sponsorship Form 2018

Mindfulness & Wellness Committee
Committee objectives and goals that encourage members to prioritize their health, mindfulness practices, and work/life balance.

Tea Tasting Event Flyer
Promotion flyer about the history, variety of teas, steeping techniques, and the many health/wellness benefits.

Planning Your Bar Year presentation from the 2023 Voluntary Bar Leadership Conference.

  Leaders Helping Leaders, November 17, 2020

55 Ways to Increase Your Productivity and Get More Done in Less Time, an informative keynote presentation from a past Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference. · Nora Riva Bergman, J.D., practice advisor, Atticus, Inc.

Association 101 — Everything You Want To Know About Bar Leadership
An informative presentation on Board Basics, Board Orientation, Board Meetings from a past Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference. Nora Riva Bergman, J.D., practice advisor, Atticus Inc.

Blast from the Past: Past Presidents Pass on Knowledge and Experience
A presentation from past bar presidents about the experiences and mistakes of past bar leaders that will help keep your organization sailing smoothly.

Common pitfalls to avoid as bar leader
An informative list of resources to assist bar leaders in avoiding common mistakes.

Essential Tools for Bar Leaders
A list of publications and events available from ABA on Bar leadership training, etc.

How to Pass the Torch
A presentation on effective continuity and long term planning for bar associations.  E. Ashley Hardee, Esq., Past President of the Florida Council of Bar Association Presidents; Past President of the Brevard County Bar Association; Past President of the Florida Trial Court Staff Attorneys Association

Keynote – Don’t Be a Duffer
A presentation on essential skills for building a championship team. Nora Riva Bergman, J.D., practice advisor, Atticus Inc.

Looking Out Into the Horizon: Strategic Planning and Board Retreats
Looking Out Into the Horizon: Handout
A presentation on how to set the tone for your bar association with board retreats and strategic planning sessions. Intended for both large and small bar organizations.

Martin County Bar Association Handbook
This handbook specifies, describes and communicates the requirements, responsibilities, policies, and procedures necessary to operate an Association (Corporation). It is also a guide for all functions, responsibilities and interactions of the Executive Board (Board), committees, potential committees and general membership.

Marion County Bar Association Legal Aid Fund
This document describes an agreement between the Community Foundation and Marion County Bar Association to hold and administer a designated agency endowment fund.

Recommended Reading to ensure the continued success of Florida’s lawyers in the 21st century
A recommended reading list addressing the continuing success of Florida’s lawyers in the 21st century.
·       Ramón A. Abadin, 2016-16 Florida Bar President

Setting Achievable Goals Voluntary Bar Leaders
A handout on goal setting with a success story on how effective goal setting can be.
·       Jeff Doran, Voluntary Bar Staff Liaison, The Florida Bar

Top Ten Ways to Make the Magic Happen Through Your Leadership
The session from a past Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference, addresses communication, behaviors and relationships that can lead to a magical outcome for bar leaders.
·       Debbie Lundberg, Presenting Powerfully

Understanding Association Fundamentals
An informative presentation on Board Basics, Board Orientation, Board Meetings from a past Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference.
·       Nora Riva Bergman, J.D., practice advisor, Atticus, Inc.

Voluntary Bar Leaders Association’s Guide to Florida Bar Committee Appointments
A presentation on best practices for working with a consultant to complement the day-to-day responsibilities of voluntary bar associations and move your organization to the next level.
·       Joann Gore, Tallahassee Bar Association Executive Director
·       Lisa M. Tipton APR, PR Florida Inc. – Public Relations and Marketing Consultant

When You Can’t Clone Yourself
Tallahassee Bar Association and The Florida Bar Solo & Small Firm Section

Young Lawyers on Center Stage
A presentation related to issues of young lawyers and voluntary bars
·       Christian George, YLD President-elect
·       Zack Zuroweste, YLD President
·       Shane Smith

Young Lawyers Division take-a-ways
A one-page summary of YLD benefits and opportunities for lawyer involvement

Sample Event Budget, from the 2022 Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference

Member Engagement/Retention and Return to In Person Events, July 28, 2020

Executive Directors Town Hall Summary, May 15, 2020

Voluntary Bar Presidents Town Hall Summary, May 8, 2020

Ask a Lawyer Flyer – Orange County Bar Assn.
Promotional event flyer on a question and answer session hosted by attorneys experienced in estate planning/probate law and family law.

CafeConLeche – Tampa Hispanic Bar Assn.
Promotional event flyer on hosted coffee for judiciary and members of local specialty bar.

Room Rental Brochure – Orange County Bar Assn.
Information flyer about rental space availability, including fees, at local bar association offices.

Salsa Flyer – Tampa Hispanic Bar Assn. 
Information flyer on joint fundraising event with other bars.

Wiping Out The Traditional Membership Model, 2022 Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference presentation

2021 ABA Benchmarks for Large Local Bars, a visual presentation of the most significant facts and trends from the ABA 2021 State and Local Bar Benchmarks Survey.

Dues Invoice – St. Lucie County Bar Assn.
Sample of dues amounts for voluntary bar association members. Includes breakdown of Certifications to further identify member law practice specialty areas.

Dues Notice – Martin County Bar Assn.
Sample of dues notice for voluntary bar association members describing categories of membership and what each membership includes.

March Mania Flyer – FAWL
A membership recruitment promotional flyer for the Florida Association for Women Lawyers.

Membership Application – Tampa Hispanic Bar Assn.
An application with information opportunities for prospective members. Includes Area(s) of Practice/Interest.

Membership Application – Walton County Bar Assn.
An application for membership in a small non-staffed bar association.

Membership Committee Goals – Broward Women Lawyers Assn. 
Includes goals, objectives and action items for membership recruitment and retention

Membership Recruitment Infographic – Orlando County Bar Assn.
Helpful tips and graphics on increasing membership revenue

Motivating and Rewarding Volunteers

Membership Retention by Engagement

Keeping an Eye on the Prize: Non-Profits, Scholarships and Community Partnerships
2013 AOC Grant Project Application – Hispanic Bar Association of Central Florida 
A presentation on how voluntary bar associations can partner with non-profits and community organizations to establish scholarships and achieve other charitable goals.

Scholarship Application – Tampa Hispanic Bar Assn. 
Criteria, process and deadline for applying for a law student scholarship.

Scholarship Dinner Program – Tampa Hispanic Bar Assn. 
Includes program schedule, recognition of VIP’s, speakers, scholarship recipients for annual dinner

Scholarship Gala Task Tracker and Budget – Tampa Hispanic Bar Assn. 
Includes an excel spreadsheet of tasks, budget items related to hosting a scholarship event

Rapid Fire Sponsorship Ideas, 2022 Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference presentation

 Sponsorship – A Voluntary Bar Town Hall, October 20, 2020

 Show Me the Money: The Art of Annual Sponsorships – Oct. 24, 2019

Attaining and Retaining Sponsors
Presented by Seth Price, Blue Shark Digital

The Art of Annual Sponsorships-St. Petersburg Bar Assn.
Materials from sponsorship presentation by Executive Director Melissa Byers.

Gala Sponsorship Form-Tampa Hispanic Bar Assn.
Includes information page, benefits page and commitment form for small bar hosted community event.

Installation Sponsorship Levels
Includes range and related benefits for sponsorship opportunities.

Mental Health Sponsorship Form – Broward County Bar Assn.
Includes sponsorship opportunities, ranges, benefits that can be applied to any event.

Scholarship Law Firm Challenge – Walton County Bar Assn.
A letter and sponsor challenge to begin a scholarship fund. Also provides a partnership opportunity with Take Stock in Children, a not-for-profit that identifies and fully vets students to determine who is financially and academically qualified for assistance.

Sponsorship-Advertising Information – Martin County Bar Assn
Includes a wide variety of opportunities for individuals, businesses and other organizations interested in offering services to bar members through events, publications and other local bar activities.

Sponsorship Solicitation Letter – Brevard County Women Lawyers Assn.
Ready to use form with sponsorship information that can be completed online.

Sponsorship Information and Commitment Form – Walton County Bar Assn.
Includes sponsor categories, benefits and agreement form used by a small bar

Sponsorship Levels – Orange County Bar Assn.
Includes sponsor categories and benefits for single event used by a large bar.

Sponsor Solicitation Letter – Brevard County Assoc. for Women Lawyers
Includes annual sponsor solicitation opportunities and single event options for local bar. Also includes sponsorship agreement in PDF fillable format.

Thank you Letters to Sponsors – Judicial Reception-Coral Gables
Sponsor acknowledgement after the event.

Women in Leadership Sponsorship Form – Broward County Bar Assn.
Single event sponsor opportunities.


The materials presented in this Clearinghouse represent general information provided by leaders of voluntary bars in Florida. The information is intended as an education resource to assist in developing informed and skilled volunteer leaders.

“Voluntary” Bars are private organizations independent of and not affiliated with The Florida Bar. Any reference to a local or voluntary bar association does not imply any state bar control, endorsement or recommendation on any of the documents or organizations represented.