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Voluntary Bar CLE Update

Dear Voluntary Bar Leaders,

During an evaluation of The Florida Bar’s course accreditation process and the transition to the acceptance of online applications, it was determined that the fee for courses 2.0 hours or less was not being consistently applied to voluntary bars.

The Florida Bar course accreditation fee schedule has been in place for many years. The Board of Governors was asked to reevaluate the voluntary bar fee schedule that states, “if a program is 2.0 credits or less AND no fee is charged”, there is no fee to evaluate the course; however, “if a program is 2.0 credits or more OR a fee of any type is charged” the voluntary bar must pay the $45 evaluation fee.

On Friday, March 25, 2022, The Florida Bar Board of Governors reconsidered the voluntary bar accreditation fees. The Board voted to reaffirm the voluntary bar fee schedule and to begin assessing the $45 fee for programs 2.0 hours or less that charge attendees (members or non-members) any type of fee. The fee will be effective July 1, 2022.

Voluntary bar CLE programs that are greater than 2.0 hours will continue to have an application fee regardless of whether a fee is charged to the participants.

Please send Maritza McGill, director of the Legal Specialization and Education Department, any questions that you may have regarding CLE accreditation at [email protected].

Thank you for all that you do for Florida’s legal community,

Terry Hill, Director
Programs Division
The Florida Bar