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Voluntary Bar Leadership Coaching Program

Voluntary BarsTrying to take your game to the next level? Or, maybe you just need a few tips to guide you to success in specific areas. Whether you’re a rookie or seasoned player, everyone can lean on the support offered through the Voluntary Bar Leadership Coaching Program! This program is available to all bar leadership; everyone can use the guidance of a coach and everyone can be a coach.

One-on-One Coaching


See the Voluntary Bar Coaches page for a list of volunteers willing to answer your bar leadership questions. Coaches are listed by size/staff and specific coaching categories.

Find a Coach

Coaching Categories

Annual budgets Lawyer referral service
Awards/scholarships Leadership/management
Board dynamics Networking events
CLE seminars Organizing bar tasks
Community outreach PR/communications/publications
Creating partnerships Pro bono
Disaster recovery Sponsorship
Executive director annual review Staff annual reviews
General operations Staffing challenges
Governance Technology/software/website
Growing/retaining membership Unstaffed bar leadership
Hiring/staffing Volunteers/chairs/leadership
Interacting with judiciary Wellness Initiatives
Large events (more than guests)


You don’t need to be an expert to join the Coaching Program team — only a willingness to help a fellow teammate. Signing up is quick and simple using our online form. Simply enter your basic information and check the areas you feel comfortable coaching.

Sign up


All coaching volunteers will be highlighted in the annual Voluntary Bar Leadership Conference (VBLC) program.

If you provide coaching to a teammate, please track approximate amount of time provided. A total number of all coaching hours will be shared at the VBLC and all those who volunteered to coach will be entered into a special raffle. Every time you coach a teammate, you will be entered into the raffle again.

Group Activities

The program includes quarterly Game Time live leadership coaching events. Game Time features three leadership coaches presenting TED-Talk-style 15 minute segments on various bar leadership topics followed by 15 minutes of questions and answers.

Directly following every Game Time event, In the Clubhouse—a mocktail/cocktail happy hour—will be held for those seeking an informal discussion forum. This will provide time for bar leaders to connect, let off some steam, network and share ideas.