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Tech Tips provided by LawTech Partners.

How to Quickly Lock Your Computer

July 16, 2019

Posted in: Apple, Microsoft or Windows, Security, Tech Tips

Tech Tip Lock it up! A lawyer hardly needs reminding that keeping client communications secure is an expectation and duty. For that, it’s still surprising how many attorneys and/or staff do not lock up their computers when going to be away from their desks for more than a few minutes. While it may seem an annoyance to...

Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Change Case Options

Posted in: Apple, Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Tech Tip WHY ARE YOU YELLING? Well, maybe you're not, but you accidentally left CAPS LOCK on and your computer is raising its voice. Or perhaps you use a time entry program that requires you to YELL AT IT BY SUBMITTING YOUR NARRATIVE IN ALL CAPS but you forgot to toggle CAPS LOCK off? (And, yes, there...

How To Add Encrypted Storage to Your Office365 Subscription

Posted in: iPad/iPhone, Microsoft or Windows, Mobile, Outlook, Tech Tips

Tech Tip Another week, another great Tech Tip from our friends at LawTech Partners. And this week, it's all about a neat Office365 trick. Take it away, LTP ... "Between now and the end of the year, Microsoft will be rolling out a new security feature to OneDrive called Personal Vault. It’s a secured / encrypted storage area...

A Tech Tribute to Summer Travel

Posted in: iPad/iPhone, Mobile, Tech Tips

A Tech Tribute to Summer Travel It’s that time of the year! So many of us add vacation and leisure travel to our regularly scheduled business travel. Here are a handful of popular and useful apps to help make that planning easier. FlightAware FlightAware lets you track any flight in real-time, receive alerts and see airport delays. It has data for...

Introducing Microsoft To-Do: A Cross-Platform, Device-Agnostic Task Master

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone, Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Microsoft To-Do Microsoft To-Do, rumored to be replacing Wunderlist, is a handy and universal to-do keeper that helps manage all your tasks and lists in one place. Available on Windows, MacOS, Androids, iPhone and iPads, it allows you to create endless lists and add as many items or tasks as you need to each. With To-Do you can set due dates and reminders...

How To Pin Your Favorite Website/URL to the Windows Taskbar from Chrome or the MacOS Dock From Safari

Posted in: Apple, Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Tech Tip The Windows Taskbar is so handy that we often reach for it when looking for critical apps – but sometimes those apps are cloud-based and you have to start by going to your favorite browser first. And then, if you are like most of us, the hunt among tens of tabs begins. Perhaps “pinning” those...

Customizing the iPhone’s Control Center

Posted in: iPad/iPhone, Tech Tips

Customizing iphone control center The Control Center on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch gives you quick access to certain functions such as taking a picture, turning on the flashlight, recording your screen and more. You can customize Control Center so you have instant access to your favorite functions. Here are the steps along with a short how-to video:...

Mobile Reader View

Posted in: Mobile, Tech Tips

ReaderModeActive The Safari browser on Mac, iPhone and iPad offers a “Reader View”  that can hide ads and other visual clutter allowing you to focus on the content  of the article or post. When you turn it on the web page you are looking at will look much cleaner and will be in an easier-to-read format....

Use the Outlook App for Scheduling

Posted in: Outlook, Tech Tips

Outlook App How many times a week, if not a day, does someone ask you to send them your availability for a call or meeting? Now, how many times do you struggle to find a quick and easy way to do that? On your mobile phone? Well, we are here to tell you – there is a...

Amazon: Get Shipment Updates via Text

Posted in: Internet/Social Media, Tech Tips

Tech Tip May 14, 2019 For those of us who really appreciate up-to-the-minute alerts about packages and deliveries,  there’s Amazon text alerts. You can sign up to receive tracking information via text message for all your orders. Amazon will send a standard text message when your package has shipped and another when it has been delivered. You will also receive...