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Must Have App: Get Human

January 22, 2019

Posted in: Tech Tips

Tech Tip Jan 22 2019 GetHuman “Please listen closely as our menu options may have changed.” Don’t we all know that message REALLY means, “Good luck getting a human on the line!”? If you’re calling a large, national, or international company, GetHuman may be able to help. It’s a website and app that gets that human on the phone for you...

How To Reverse An All-Caps Error In Word & Outlook Without Retyping

Posted in: Tech Tips, Word

Do not type in all caps “THERE'S NO NEED TO YELL!” DID YOU ACCIDENTALLY TYPE A WHOLE PARAGRAPH IN ALL CAPS? No need to retype it, says our friends at LawTech Partners! Simply use Word's "change case" feature to quickly convert text from ALL CAPS to Sentence Case or other. Look for the “Change Case” button on the Ribbon or use...

Handy Dandy Chart of E-Admissibility

Posted in: Tech Tips

Tech Admissibility Is it relevant? Is it authentic? Is it admissible? Not sure? Well-known e-discovery expert, Craig Ball, can point you in the right direction with a little help from a friend. Check out this “Handy Chart on E-Admissibility” created by U.S. District Judge Paul Grimm and attorney Kevin Brady. Mr. Ball writes, “the chart is handsome...

Don’t Give Up on Dictation – Better Than Ever on Windows and MacOS

Posted in: Apple, Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Tip: Introducing Dictation Windows and Office 365 Dictation has long been built into the Windows operating system and it’s better than ever on Windows 10. To start dictating anywhere in Windows, select a text field and press the Windows logo key  + H to open the dictation toolbar.  Learn more and pick up dictation commands here. If you’re...

How To Take A Screenshot On Your Mobile Device

Posted in: Mobile, Tech Tips

Tech Tip Screen Shots On an iPhone X or later Press and hold the sleep/wake button on the right side of your iPhone and immediately click the volume up button on the left side, then release both buttons. A thumbnail of your screenshot appears in the lower-left corner of your iPhone. Tap the thumbnail to add drawings and text...


Posted in: Tech Tips

Screenshots can be so helpful in sharing or saving information. Here’s how it’s done on a Mac or PC: On a Mac To capture your entire screen, press Shift-Command-3 simultaneously (the image ends up on your desktop). If you want a particular portion of the screen, press Shift-Command-4 and make your selection. For capturing an...

Google Scholar is a free legal research platform that’s ideal for initial research and secondary sources.

Posted in: Internet/Social Media, Tech Tips

Google Scholar Google Scholar offers state and federal case law from all 50 states. 1. Visit 2. Select the Case Law button under the search box, select your court/s 3. Search by the terms, parties or by case citation 4. Click on the How Cited link to find related documents Good to know: · Results are...

Convert/open a PDF in Word

Posted in: Tech Tips, Word

Convert PDF to word Doc file and Word to PDF Simple Steps In ye’ old days, one would have to purchase a “special” program or device to convert a PDF file to a Microsoft Word file. In these days of’new, that function is baked right into the newest versions of Word (this is one of the great reasons to be subscribed to Office 365 – you always...

Gmail’s Unsend Feature

Posted in: Internet/Social Media, Tech Tips

Gmail Unsend If you’re a Gmail user and manage your email within a browser (Chrome, Safari, IE not in Outlook) you can enable Gmail’s native “unsend” function. It allows you to "undo" a send by adding a short delay from when you click send to when Gmail actually sends it. Understand this only works within a browser...

Winning with Pinning – Keep Your Favorite Websites Handy

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Tech Tip Pin Learning how to “pin” programs, apps and websites can help you quickly access the things you use the most – it’s as easy as a right-click! Pinning is the simple process of adding shortcuts to your most often used programs, or in this case, your most often used websites. Pinned Tabs stay-put to the left...