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How To Delete Blank Rows In Excel

January 21, 2020

Posted in: Tech Tips

If you have an Excel spreadsheet with blank rows, you can delete them all at once rather than having to do them one at time. First, make sure your header rows are on the first row of the spreadsheet. Select the entire column that contains your data by clicking on the letters at the very...

How To Automatically Shut Down a Windows Computer

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

If you want to automatically shut down your computer, say after 30 minutes, using Run to create the schedule would be the best and quickest way. Press the Win + R keys to open the Run dialog box. Type in the following command into the box and hit Enter: shutdown -s -t 1800 Make sure to...

How To Move Multiple Apps at Once on the iPhone

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone, Mobile, Tech Tips

Sometimes, you want to reorganize your apps on your iPhone -- but it's a process, especially if you have to do it one-by-one. Well, those days are over. And here is how you move multiple apps at once on your device:   1. Long press an app icon until the action menu pops up. Select...

How To Increase Productivity By Using Dual Monitors

Posted in: Internet/Social Media, Tech Tips

Here’s a productivity tip for you: try dual monitors. Much of the time wasted when attorneys work on computers comes when they switch between windows. Not only does it waste time, it can lead to unnecessary distractions. Some try to compensate by putting two windows on one screen, or by various workarounds. But instead, attorneys...

How to Block Ad Tracking on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone, Tech Tips

Apple provides ads in the App Store and Apple News that are based on information such as your App Store search history and Apple News reading history. However, if you want to opt out of these interest-based ads, you can choose to turn on the Limit Ad Tracking setting on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch,...

How To Use Chrome’s Built-In Virus Scanner

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Security, Tech Tips

Google Chrome offers a built-in antivirus scanner that comes with the browser. You can the antivirus scanner to search your device for programs that might be harmful. Here's how to run Chrome’s Antivirus Scanner: Open Chrome on your device. At the top-right corner of the browser you will see three dots next to your profile...

How To Fast Forward/Rewind Instagram Live Stories Videos

Posted in: Internet/Social Media, Tech Tips

Instagram is one of the best and the most happening social networks out there. On Instagram you can share videos, photos, replay live sessions and much more. But what if you wish to rewind or fast forward the live stories on Instagram? To fast forward: On the homepage of the Instagram app tap on the...

How Mac Users Can Take Advantage Of A Feature Called ‘Mission Control’

Posted in: Apple, Tech Tips

Mission Control is a very cool feature on MacOS that offers a preview of + quick access to all your open windows, desktop spaces, full-screen apps, and Split View spaces, making it easy to switch between them. To open Mission Control use any of these methods: Click Mission Control  in your Dock or search for it using Finder Press...

How To Search Multiple PDF Files Using Acrobat Reader

Posted in: Tech Tips

Most computers have Acrobat Reader on them but if you use a different PDF manipulation tool, the steps will likely be similar. If these steps don’t work for the version of Acrobat or Reader you have, or you use another great product Open Acrobat or Acrobat Reader on your computer. Click on the Edit menu...

How To Make Text On A Web Page Bigger And Easier to Read

Posted in: Apple, Google/Chrome, Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Web pages sometimes have small text that can be difficult to read. Web browsers support the ability to zoom in and out so you can control the size of the page. You can use your keyboard or the options menu in most browsers to zoom in and out of the page. Using keyboard shortcuts PC:...