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Tech Tips

System and Software Updates are REALLY Important

July 20, 2021

Posted in: Apple, Microsoft or Windows, Security, Tech Tips

Last week’s Tech Tip covered an urgent update released by Microsoft to address a newly discovered security risk. This week’s tip is to remind you that you shouldn’t wait until a critical patch has been served to run updates on your systems and software – whether you are a PC or a MAC. If you...

Be Sure to Apply an Urgent Windows Update Released Last Week

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Last week, Microsoft released an emergency update that addresses a recently discovered and serious security risk. It is important for you and any other Windows users in your firm to install this update. Your computer may have automatically downloaded, installed, and restarted all on its own – if it did, great! You can always confirm...

Adding a Gmail Calendar to Outlook

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Outlook, Tech Tips

Many of us manage more than one calendar and having to jump from one app or webpage to another can be a hassle. If you use Outlook at the office and a Google calendar for home or family, it’s easy to sync your Outlook and Google calendars to easily access and manage all your calendars...

Outlook: Repurposing, Recycling, Resending an Email

Posted in: Outlook, Tech Tips

The Window’s version of Outlook has a great but hidden function that allows you to recycle a sent message and easily reuse it. You’ll be able to send it to new or different recipients, change the title and fully edit the text. This does not affect the original sent message. Here’s how: Find and double-click...

Create a Drop-Down List in Excel

Posted in: Excel, Tech Tips

If you have repetitive entries in an Excel spreadsheet, using a dropdown list can be a great time saver. And thankfully, they are very easy to create! Let’s say you are working on a list of matter types and you want to limit entries in a column to Litigation, Real Estate or Family – no...

How to Save an Image From the Web To Your Computer

Posted in: Tech Tips

Most images you find on the web can be saved your computer. There may be occasions where a screen shot will be the only way, but give this a shot first: Right click on the image Go to “Save picture as” Navigate to the location you would like. Voila! Like magic, it’s yours. Even easier...

Accessibility Features in Zoom

Posted in: Tech Tips, Virtual Meetings, Working Remotely

The use of Zoom for meetings and calls shows no sign of decline even as we start to ease out of the pandemic. So, while we have all (hopefully) become familiar and comfortable with Zoom, here are some accessibility features and tips that will help enhance the meeting experience for those attendees with disabilities. For...

G Suite is now Google Workspace, with new communication tools

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Tech Tips

Google's business suite, formerly known as G Suite, has been rebranded and renamed Google Workspace. It is aimed at boosting online productivity and collaboration of businesses and employees. It includes different sets of tools such as Meet, Docs, Drive and Gmail to create a virtual workspace. Since we are always looking for better ways to...

How to insert a watermark in Word

Posted in: Tech Tips, Word

Looking to slap “Confidential” or “Draft” across your Word document? Here's how to do it! Open your Word document. In the Ribbon go to the Design tab, find the Watermark button. In Word for Windows, you can select one of the predesigned options or create a custom watermark by selecting “Custom Watermark." In Word for...

Managing Desktop Notifications on Microsoft Windows

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Microsoft Windows has a feature called the “action center.” Though the action center has lots of excellent features, it may be a nuisance to some. The action center is where you’ll find notifications from programs on your computer and a section called “quick actions.” To open the action center, click on the icon that looks...