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Use the Outlook App for Scheduling

May 21, 2019

Posted in: Outlook, Tech Tips

Outlook App How many times a week, if not a day, does someone ask you to send them your availability for a call or meeting? Now, how many times do you struggle to find a quick and easy way to do that? On your mobile phone? Well, we are here to tell you – there is a...

Amazon: Get Shipment Updates via Text

Posted in: Internet/Social Media, Tech Tips

Tech Tip May 14, 2019 For those of us who really appreciate up-to-the-minute alerts about packages and deliveries,  there’s Amazon text alerts. You can sign up to receive tracking information via text message for all your orders. Amazon will send a standard text message when your package has shipped and another when it has been delivered. You will also receive...

Emojis – They Aren’t Just for Cell Phones Anymore

Posted in: iPad/iPhone, Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Emoji Tech Tip Love ‘em or hate ‘em, emojis are here to stay. They’re even turning up as important elements of a case in the courtroom. Your laptops and desktops have been emoji-enabled!  Both Windows and macOS support them just like our cell phones and tablets do. When you’re overwhelmed by the need for an emoji while typing...

Good-bye Windows 7! Windows 10 is Taking Over, Here’s How You can Customize the Start Menu

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Windows 10 Start Menu Come January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7. This means we gotta go! Time to take Windows 10 seriously and get ready for the transition. Don’t worry though, the upgrade isn’t so bad and we are all going to be just fine with it. With the launch of...

Your Elderly Loved-One Needs An Apple Watch

Posted in: Apple, Tech Tips

Your Elderly Loved-One Needs An Apple Watch The latest Apple Watch – known as the Series 4 – enhances existing, and introduces new features geared toward monitoring health and wellness. It can monitor stress, steps, calories, heart-rates and even falls! Yes, you heard me, the new Series 4 comes with a smart “fall detection” sensor. Here are some key features to know...

When you really want a (c) not a © in Microsoft Word. 

Posted in: Apple, Tech Tips, Word

Word's AutoCorrect feature is helpful, most of the time. For instance, if you accidentally type TEH, Autocorrect changes it to THE for you. It also changes a (c) to the copyright. That can helpful, some of the time, but not likely most of the time. You can prevent this from ever happening again by deleting the Autocorrect...

Outlook for Windows: Email Templates Can Help Save Time

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

For those emails you send often, such as status reports or reminders of due invoices, you can save the email as a template to save time for the next one. Create a new email message in Outlook Enter all the components you want to reuse in the template such as the recipients, subject, body, signature,...

Manage App and Service Subscriptions in iOS

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone, Mobile, Tech Tips

Tech Tip April 2 2019 If you've been trying to cancel a subscription or end a free trial before you get charged but can’t figure out where or how to do that - we’re here to help! Some apps, Apple's News+, TV apps like HBO GO, or music subscription services like Pandora Premium, offer free trials and on-going subscriptions –...

President-Elect John Stewarts Favorite Tech Tip: Use PassPHRASES Instead of PassWORDS

Posted in: Security, Tech Tips

Cyber Security Passwords: The security measure everyone loves to hate. President-Elect, John Stewart, is a regular speaker for the YLD’s Technology Roadshows that bring a half-day seminar on legal technology to our local and voluntary Bars. He has lots of tips for lawyers on recognizing and addressing common security threats – especially the worst kind of threat...

3 Useful Google Search Tips

Posted in: Internet/Social Media, Tech Tips

Use Google to Search Within a Single Website Sometimes you want to search the ENTIRE Internet. Sometimes you want to search a specific website. This can be easy if you’re using Google to do your searches (that’s most of us). This can be done by using the syntax "Site:". From within the Google Search box,...