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Tech Tips

Essential Zoom Use Tip: Mute

April 7, 2020

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

mute icon Working remotely has taken the video conference to a new level in the legal field. Zoom has now become the most popular way to connect with co-workers and clients alike. However, not everyone is used to being “on camera” or having “live” audio, so here is an essential tip to follow when you are either...

Five Tips For Running A Law Firm Remotely

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

laptop-tech-tip With many lawyers working remotely right now due to court and law firm closures over the coronavirus crisis, here are five tips on how to run your law practice from your laptop (or home desktop). These tips will help you work smarter, not harder, while working from home during this stretch from Jonathan Rosenfeld via...

Printing from Your Home Computer While Working Remotely

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

If you are working remotely, you might be missing all the automatic functions you had such as printing locally. Follow these steps below if you need to print documents (from your home/local printer) for review or prepare for delivery. Notes:  These are typical steps in adding a local printer to a Windows 10 device. If...

How To Archive Outlook SubFolders With Acrobat

Posted in: Outlook

Did you know that Adobe Acrobat (the paid version, not free Reader)  includes an email archiving feature that will convert an entire folder of emails into a single, searchable PDF, complete with attachments!? If you are an Outlook user and you subscribe or pay for Adobe Acrobat (or any of it’s many formidable competitors) than...

How To Change Default Programs In Windows 10

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Windows is set to default your email client to Windows Mail - but maybe you're an Outlook lover. It also sets a Windows browser such as Internet Explorer or the new Edge as your default internet browser - but maybe you prefer Chrome or Firefox. Well, let's make it so those programs step aside and let...

How To Scan Documents From Your Phone

Posted in: Mobile, Tech Tips

  When you need to scan a document but you're on the road, it's a real pain to need to go back to the office or use a portable scanner.   That's why scanner apps have become so popular.   The apps, such as "CamScanner" for Android and "Adobe Scanner" and "Scanbot" for Android and...

How To Use The New & Improved Windows 10 Feature ‘Snap!’

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

On Windows 10, the “Snap” function helps you organize the space on your screen more efficiently, improving productivity. Using this feature, you can quickly snap windows to the sides or corners by just using your mouse, keyboard, or touch without the need to resize and position them manually – even if you have more than...

How To Delete Blank Rows In Excel

Posted in: Tech Tips

If you have an Excel spreadsheet with blank rows, you can delete them all at once rather than having to do them one at time. First, make sure your header rows are on the first row of the spreadsheet. Select the entire column that contains your data by clicking on the letters at the very...

How To Automatically Shut Down a Windows Computer

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

If you want to automatically shut down your computer, say after 30 minutes, using Run to create the schedule would be the best and quickest way. Press the Win + R keys to open the Run dialog box. Type in the following command into the box and hit Enter: shutdown -s -t 1800 Make sure to...

How To Move Multiple Apps at Once on the iPhone

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone, Mobile, Tech Tips

Sometimes, you want to reorganize your apps on your iPhone -- but it's a process, especially if you have to do it one-by-one. Well, those days are over. And here is how you move multiple apps at once on your device:   1. Long press an app icon until the action menu pops up. Select...