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How and Why to Change Your Cursor

October 6, 2020

Posted in: Apple, Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

How to change mouse pointer size on a Mac “Then, you’ll click here.” “I’m just going to make that edit here.” “Do you see my mouse?” These are just a few examples of comments you'll hear during online meetings with screensharing during this new work-from-home era. While sharing or collaborating on documents during online meetings, it can be hard for people to follow along...

iOS 14: New Privacy and Security Features You Should Know

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone, Mobile, Security, Tech Tips

iOS 14 was released last week and among its myriad new features, a few good privacy enhancements arrived. Better Control Over Apps Access to Your Camera and Mic Ever get a feeling that someone is watching you? Well, in the past, maybe someone has. This is why Apple has made it mandatory for apps to...

How to Hide Photos & Videos on Your iPhone or Android

Posted in: Apple, Google/Chrome, iPad/iPhone, Mobile, Tech Tips

Tech Tip ipad Sometimes you want to hide, move or archive pictures and videos from your photo album so they don’t appear in your main camera roll. Both popular mobile operating systems make this easy. Here’s how: iOS: Create and Use Hidden Folders Apple lets you scoot images or videos into a separate folder so they are not...

New Microsoft Office App Available on iOS and Android

Posted in: Apple, Mobile, Tech Tips, Word

Microsoft’s new Office app on iOS and Android Microsoft recently released its new unified Office app for iOS and Android. The app conveniently combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint into a single application and links to your Microsoft 365 account so you can easily access your files. It's designed with some of the more mobile-friendly parts of Word, Excel and PowerPoint in mind. Because the...

How to Change Desktop Icon Size in Windows and MacOS

Posted in: Apple, Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Screen shot of desktop icons Do you ever feel like you need binoculars to see the icons and text on your desktop? Well, they can be pretty small by default. Strain no more!  It’s easy to increase the size of your icons so they are easier to identify; just know that the bigger you make them, more real estate they...

Group Podcasts on Your iPhone into Playlists

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone, Tech Tips

Group Podcasts on Your iPhone into Playlists Podcasts have become more popular than ever these days, and if you’re like most, you’ve amassed quite a collection! On the iPhone, you can organize podcasts into playlists – or as they are called on the iPhone, into “stations” that allow you to group them (News, Legal, Self-Improvement, Meditation, etc. – you decide!). Here’s how:...

How To Move Multiple Apps at Once on the iPhone

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone, Mobile, Tech Tips

Sometimes, you want to reorganize your apps on your iPhone -- but it's a process, especially if you have to do it one-by-one. Well, those days are over. And here is how you move multiple apps at once on your device:   1. Long press an app icon until the action menu pops up. Select...

How to Block Ad Tracking on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone, Tech Tips

Apple provides ads in the App Store and Apple News that are based on information such as your App Store search history and Apple News reading history. However, if you want to opt out of these interest-based ads, you can choose to turn on the Limit Ad Tracking setting on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch,...

How Mac Users Can Take Advantage Of A Feature Called ‘Mission Control’

Posted in: Apple, Tech Tips

Mission Control is a very cool feature on MacOS that offers a preview of + quick access to all your open windows, desktop spaces, full-screen apps, and Split View spaces, making it easy to switch between them. To open Mission Control use any of these methods: Click Mission Control  in your Dock or search for it using Finder Press...

How To Make Text On A Web Page Bigger And Easier to Read

Posted in: Apple, Google/Chrome, Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Web pages sometimes have small text that can be difficult to read. Web browsers support the ability to zoom in and out so you can control the size of the page. You can use your keyboard or the options menu in most browsers to zoom in and out of the page. Using keyboard shortcuts PC:...