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ROSS Intelligence Introduces Free Research via Chrome Extension

September 29, 2020

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Tech Tips

Ross Intelligence Screen Capture Florida Bar member benefit provider ROSS Intelligence has launched a free Chrome extension to make finding case law easy from any website. It allows you to connect text on a webpage to up-to-date case law. You can find out if a legal holding in Michigan holds true in New York. You can see if the...

A Hat Trick of Google Calendar Tips

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Tech Tips

Google tips Note: While Google Calendar is available for use with major browsers the instructions below are for Chrome and when Google is set as your default search engine. Create Additional Calendars Would a separate calendar be helpful for your child’s school events or as a trial calendar? Google makes adding new calendars a cinch! From the...

How to Hide Photos & Videos on Your iPhone or Android

Posted in: Apple, Google/Chrome, iPad/iPhone, Mobile, Tech Tips

Tech Tip ipad Sometimes you want to hide, move or archive pictures and videos from your photo album so they don’t appear in your main camera roll. Both popular mobile operating systems make this easy. Here’s how: iOS: Create and Use Hidden Folders Apple lets you scoot images or videos into a separate folder so they are not...

New Service in Microsoft Word Checks Grammar In Word, Outlook and on Webpages

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Microsoft or Windows, Outlook, Tech Tips, Word

"Microsoft Editor" is an AI-powered, writing virtual assistant that offers basic suggestions in grammar and spelling as you type. It not only quickly catches typos and mistakes, but it also can help you communicate more clearly. And it does so in more than 20 languages! Editor is a new and constantly developing service that comes...

How To Use Chrome’s Built-In Virus Scanner

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Security, Tech Tips

Google Chrome offers a built-in antivirus scanner that comes with the browser. You can the antivirus scanner to search your device for programs that might be harmful. Here's how to run Chrome’s Antivirus Scanner: Open Chrome on your device. At the top-right corner of the browser you will see three dots next to your profile...

How To Make Text On A Web Page Bigger And Easier to Read

Posted in: Apple, Google/Chrome, Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Web pages sometimes have small text that can be difficult to read. Web browsers support the ability to zoom in and out so you can control the size of the page. You can use your keyboard or the options menu in most browsers to zoom in and out of the page. Using keyboard shortcuts PC:...

How to Convert a Gmail Email to a Google Calendar Event

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Tech Tips

tech tip gmail outlook Often times, emails would be more useful on a calendar than in your inbox. Emails that contain conferencing details or those related to an appointment or a call are good examples. You can easily convert (or copy and paste, really) the details of an email message to create an appointment or meeting on your calendar....

How To Change Google’s Background AND Also in Gmail

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Mobile, Tech Tips

tech tip main image Google Chrome offers "themes" that allow you to personalize the look and feel of your browser, modifying the appearance of everything from the scrollbar to the background color and graphics of tabs. It’s fun and easy to browse for and apply themes to Chrome (remember this only works in Chrome, but hang tight and we’ll...