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iOS 14: New Privacy and Security Features You Should Know

September 22, 2020

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone, Mobile, Security, Tech Tips

iOS 14 was released last week and among its myriad new features, a few good privacy enhancements arrived. Better Control Over Apps Access to Your Camera and Mic Ever get a feeling that someone is watching you? Well, in the past, maybe someone has. This is why Apple has made it mandatory for apps to...

How to use QR codes

Posted in: Mobile, Tech Tips

This is a QR code being used from a phone As more restaurants, bars, hotels and retailers reopen during the COVID crisis, many have turned to using digital menus or messages. Whether mandated or by choice, they are a great way to solve a cleanliness problem (and an environmental one!). QR codes can be used for many purposes — to show you a PDF or...

How to make the most of Microsoft Teams

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Mobile, Tech Tips, Working Remotely

Microsoft Office Teams badge icon The legal world is quickly adopting Microsoft Teams as preferred online collaboration platform. Not only does it offer options for chatting, video calls, document collaboration and project management, but it's also included totally free with Microsoft 365! Many courts are using Teams for online hearings and more law firms than ever are using it to...

Use Your Kindle to Read PDF Files

Posted in: Mobile, Tech Tips

Did you know you can send PDF files to your Kindle via Amazon’s Send to Kindle service? While you can send various types of files to Kindles, today we are going to focus on PDFs. To use the service, you must first tell Amazon to accept email from your email address or addresses. Here are...

How to Hide Photos & Videos on Your iPhone or Android

Posted in: Apple, Google/Chrome, iPad/iPhone, Mobile, Tech Tips

Tech Tip ipad Sometimes you want to hide, move or archive pictures and videos from your photo album so they don’t appear in your main camera roll. Both popular mobile operating systems make this easy. Here’s how: iOS: Create and Use Hidden Folders Apple lets you scoot images or videos into a separate folder so they are not...

New Microsoft Office App Available on iOS and Android

Posted in: Apple, Mobile, Tech Tips, Word

Microsoft’s new Office app on iOS and Android Microsoft recently released its new unified Office app for iOS and Android. The app conveniently combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint into a single application and links to your Microsoft 365 account so you can easily access your files. It's designed with some of the more mobile-friendly parts of Word, Excel and PowerPoint in mind. Because the...

How To Scan Documents From Your Phone

Posted in: Mobile, Tech Tips

  When you need to scan a document but you're on the road, it's a real pain to need to go back to the office or use a portable scanner.   That's why scanner apps have become so popular.   The apps, such as "CamScanner" for Android and "Adobe Scanner" and "Scanbot" for Android and...

How To Move Multiple Apps at Once on the iPhone

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone, Mobile, Tech Tips

Sometimes, you want to reorganize your apps on your iPhone -- but it's a process, especially if you have to do it one-by-one. Well, those days are over. And here is how you move multiple apps at once on your device:   1. Long press an app icon until the action menu pops up. Select...

Enable Night Mode On All Your Devices

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone, Microsoft or Windows, Mobile, Tech Tips

Tech Tip If you often work at night or simply like to read on a screen before going to sleep, you should consider enabling night mode on your devices. The health impacts of screen time have become a major concern, from shortened attention spans, to interrupted sleep cycles, to eye strain. Because of this, developers have started...

How To Change Google’s Background AND Also in Gmail

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Mobile, Tech Tips

tech tip main image Google Chrome offers "themes" that allow you to personalize the look and feel of your browser, modifying the appearance of everything from the scrollbar to the background color and graphics of tabs. It’s fun and easy to browse for and apply themes to Chrome (remember this only works in Chrome, but hang tight and we’ll...