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New Service in Microsoft Word Checks Grammar In Word, Outlook and on Webpages

June 30, 2020

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Microsoft or Windows, Outlook, Tech Tips, Word

"Microsoft Editor" is an AI-powered, writing virtual assistant that offers basic suggestions in grammar and spelling as you type. It not only quickly catches typos and mistakes, but it also can help you communicate more clearly. And it does so in more than 20 languages! Editor is a new and constantly developing service that comes...

How To Archive Outlook SubFolders With Acrobat

Posted in: Outlook

Did you know that Adobe Acrobat (the paid version, not free Reader)  includes an email archiving feature that will convert an entire folder of emails into a single, searchable PDF, complete with attachments!? If you are an Outlook user and you subscribe or pay for Adobe Acrobat (or any of it’s many formidable competitors) than...

This Free Outlook Add-In Makes Scheduling Meetings Easy

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Outlook, Tech Tips

Tech Tip FindTime is an Outlook add-in and website that attacks the age-old problem of finding a meeting time among attendees. Via an Outlook email, it allows you to select and show a set of days and times to a group, allowing everyone to vote and quickly come to a consensus. You, as the organizer, must be...

How To Add Encrypted Storage to Your Office365 Subscription

Posted in: iPad/iPhone, Microsoft or Windows, Mobile, Outlook, Tech Tips

Tech Tip Another week, another great Tech Tip from our friends at LawTech Partners. And this week, it's all about a neat Office365 trick. Take it away, LTP ... "Between now and the end of the year, Microsoft will be rolling out a new security feature to OneDrive called Personal Vault. It’s a secured / encrypted storage area...

Use the Outlook App for Scheduling

Posted in: Outlook, Tech Tips

Outlook App How many times a week, if not a day, does someone ask you to send them your availability for a call or meeting? Now, how many times do you struggle to find a quick and easy way to do that? On your mobile phone? Well, we are here to tell you – there is a...


Posted in: Outlook

The Outlook team is adding — and planning to add — a bunch of new features across the many flavors of Outlook starting now and continuing through the summer. In recent blog post on what’s now known as the “Microsoft 365” blog (formerly the Office blog), Microsoft officials detailed the coming updates and provided timing for...


Posted in: Outlook

Tech Tip Outlook for Mac Thanks to our friends at LawTech Partners, via How-To Geek, we bring you this great Outlook tip this week. “For reasons I cannot fully understand, I decided to use Outlook on my Mac. That’s when I discovered that Outlook was making me click “Download Pictures” on every single email, which is really annoying. Here’s how...