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Working Remotely

New Features in Zoom Breakout Rooms

October 12, 2020

Posted in: Tech Tips, Virtual Meetings, Working Remotely

Zoom telemeeting Smaller and more focused discussions have been one of the most interesting features of in-person meetings, and Zoom has now made this very element available through its Breakout Rooms. Participants of your meetings can now choose to move between the Breakout Rooms without having to wait for the host to assign them a Breakout Room....

Understanding the “Status” Icons of Microsoft OneDrive

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips, Working Remotely

One drive status icons One of the many helpful services that come along with a Microsoft 365 subscription is that of "Files On-Demand." It makes the files and folders stored in OneDrive available on your PC without eating up local storage space. What does this mean? Well, let’s say you have a folder called "Closed Matters" with  hundreds of...

How to make the most of Microsoft Teams

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Mobile, Tech Tips, Working Remotely

Microsoft Office Teams badge icon The legal world is quickly adopting Microsoft Teams as preferred online collaboration platform. Not only does it offer options for chatting, video calls, document collaboration and project management, but it's also included totally free with Microsoft 365! Many courts are using Teams for online hearings and more law firms than ever are using it to...

The Complete Zoom Guide: From Basic Help to Advanced Tricks

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

Tech Tips - The Complete Zoom Guide One of Zoom's key strengths is its simplicity, but this does not mean that the platform is without a variety of advanced features that remote workers will find useful for improving their productivity. ZDNet has compiled a Zoom guide to help make your meetings more productive.

Fastcase 7

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

Fastcase 7 Fastcase provides industry-leading tools to make legal research easier and more intuitive. New, innovative features are offered in Fastcase 7 for smarter legal researching. Sign up for an expert-led tour of Fastcase 7 here to learn more.

How to Show (or “Embed”) a Google Calendar On Your Website

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

How to Show (ie “Embed”) a Google Calendar On Your Website If you would like to share upcoming events like webinars, seminars or social gatherings with visitors on your website, you can easily embed a Google calendar on your website. It’s also free and easy to use. Of course, you’ll need a Google account, which is also free. Log into your Google account and go to...

Making a Formula in Excel

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

Making a Formula in Excel Just like a calculator, you can create simple formulas in Excel to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.  Simple formulas always start with an equal sign =, followed by constants that are numeric values and calculation operators such as plus +, minus -, asterisk *, or forward slash / signs. Enter a Formula Click into the...

When Out of Office is On but You Don’t Want to Auto Reply to Everyone (Outlook for Windows)

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

keyboard Out of Office replies can be turned on very easily and even timed to expire at a designated time.  But did you know you can customize your OOF so that some people do not get the auto reply, or that they get a customized reply different than the rest of the group?  The steps below...

A Look at Outlook’s Instant Search

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

Working at home without others assisting you may have you more curious about features in Outlook.  One that is really helpful is Outlook’s Instant Search. Every folder provides you with an Instant Search window. A simple word or phrase can be typed into the search to find it within that folder. There are ways that...

Essential Zoom Use Tip: Mute

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

mute icon Working remotely has taken the video conference to a new level in the legal field. Zoom has now become the most popular way to connect with co-workers and clients alike. However, not everyone is used to being “on camera” or having “live” audio, so here is an essential tip to follow when you are either...