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iOS 14: New Privacy and Security Features You Should Know

September 22, 2020

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone, Mobile, Security, Tech Tips

iOS 14 was released last week and among its myriad new features, a few good privacy enhancements arrived. Better Control Over Apps Access to Your Camera and Mic Ever get a feeling that someone is watching you? Well, in the past, maybe someone has. This is why Apple has made it mandatory for apps to...

How To Use Chrome’s Built-In Virus Scanner

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Security, Tech Tips

Google Chrome offers a built-in antivirus scanner that comes with the browser. You can the antivirus scanner to search your device for programs that might be harmful. Here's how to run Chrome’s Antivirus Scanner: Open Chrome on your device. At the top-right corner of the browser you will see three dots next to your profile...

How To Keep Your Wireless Network Secure

Posted in: Security, Tech Tips, Working Remotely

data security tips It’s important to make sure your home or office wireless network is secure. This will help keep unauthorized users from using your internet as well as help to prevent hackers from taking control of your computers through your own wireless network. The first and most effective steps you can take is to ... Change the...

How to Quickly Lock Your Computer

Posted in: Apple, Microsoft or Windows, Security, Tech Tips

Tech Tip Lock it up! A lawyer hardly needs reminding that keeping client communications secure is an expectation and duty. For that, it’s still surprising how many attorneys and/or staff do not lock up their computers when going to be away from their desks for more than a few minutes. While it may seem an annoyance to...

President-Elect John Stewarts Favorite Tech Tip: Use PassPHRASES Instead of PassWORDS

Posted in: Security, Tech Tips

Cyber Security Passwords: The security measure everyone loves to hate. President-Elect, John Stewart, is a regular speaker for the YLD’s Technology Roadshows that bring a half-day seminar on legal technology to our local and voluntary Bars. He has lots of tips for lawyers on recognizing and addressing common security threats – especially the worst kind of threat...

Run, do not walk, to check that Chrome has been updated to the latest version

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Security, Tech Tips

Urgent Chrome update Over the past couple of weeks we learned about two “zero-day" vulnerabilities from Google -  one affecting Google Chrome and another in Microsoft Windows that were being exploited together. What is a 0-day vulnerability, you ask?  Well, It’s a security flaw in a software program that is discovered or known by the software vendor (in this case Google) but doesn’t...

Encrypt Your Windows or Apple Laptop or Desktop

Posted in: Security, Tech Tips

Encrypt Tech Tip Encrypting your Windows or Mac devices can be easier that you think. And it’s something you should certainly think about if your devices have access to client (or firm!) data. BitLocker (don’t confuse it with BitCoin or BitLocker is Microsoft’s built-in encryption service for that will encrypt your entire drive (aka “whole disk encryption”)...


Posted in: Security

Instagram on phone Thanks to our friends at, comes a great security tip this week for Instagram users. Attackers are compromising Instagram accounts and locking out users, so take a moment to lock down your account. A growing number of users are taking to Twitter and Reddit to complain about compromised Instagram accounts, and there seems to...