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New Microsoft Office App Available on iOS and Android

July 7, 2020

Posted in: Apple, Mobile, Tech Tips, Word

Microsoft’s new Office app on iOS and Android Microsoft recently released its new unified Office app for iOS and Android. The app conveniently combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint into a single application and links to your Microsoft 365 account so you can easily access your files. It's designed with some of the more mobile-friendly parts of Word, Excel and PowerPoint in mind. Because the...

New Service in Microsoft Word Checks Grammar In Word, Outlook and on Webpages

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Microsoft or Windows, Outlook, Tech Tips, Word

"Microsoft Editor" is an AI-powered, writing virtual assistant that offers basic suggestions in grammar and spelling as you type. It not only quickly catches typos and mistakes, but it also can help you communicate more clearly. And it does so in more than 20 languages! Editor is a new and constantly developing service that comes...

Share a Word Document but Allow Only Comments

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips, Word

Comments only word doc sharing Sometimes you may want to send a Word document rather than a PDF for comments. The benefit here would be not having to flip between the PDF doc and the Word doc to make your edits based on those outside suggestions. One of Microsoft’s Word “protect” features allows you to share a document with others...

When you really want a (c) not a © in Microsoft Word. 

Posted in: Apple, Tech Tips, Word

Word's AutoCorrect feature is helpful, most of the time. For instance, if you accidentally type TEH, Autocorrect changes it to THE for you. It also changes a (c) to the copyright. That can helpful, some of the time, but not likely most of the time. You can prevent this from ever happening again by deleting the Autocorrect...

How To Reverse An All-Caps Error In Word & Outlook Without Retyping

Posted in: Tech Tips, Word

Do not type in all caps “THERE'S NO NEED TO YELL!” DID YOU ACCIDENTALLY TYPE A WHOLE PARAGRAPH IN ALL CAPS? No need to retype it, says our friends at LawTech Partners! Simply use Word's "change case" feature to quickly convert text from ALL CAPS to Sentence Case or other. Look for the “Change Case” button on the Ribbon or use...

Convert/open a PDF in Word

Posted in: Tech Tips, Word

Convert PDF to word Doc file and Word to PDF Simple Steps In ye’ old days, one would have to purchase a “special” program or device to convert a PDF file to a Microsoft Word file. In these days of’new, that function is baked right into the newest versions of Word (this is one of the great reasons to be subscribed to Office 365 – you always...

Preventing Break-Ups in Word

Posted in: Tech Tips, Word

Keyboard Sometimes we don’t want to break up – we want “October 23,” to stay on the same line at “2018” and sometimes it’s better for “Id.¶ 27” to stay together not break up like this: The District Court also found that portal websites do not presently host enough applications to induce consumers to switch, nor...


Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Word

1. Open the document that contains the metadata you need removed. 2. Choose File > Properties. Select the ‘Summary’ tab in the ‘Properties’ box. Clear any content from each text box and press ‘OK.’ 3. Choose ‘Tools’ and ‘Options’ from the toolbar. 4. Select ‘User Information’ in the ‘Options’ dialog box. Clear each field that...