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Traffic Accident Reconstructionist Coastal Crash Consultants

Traffic Accident Reconstructionist Coastal Crash Consultants

Accredited ACTAR reconstructionist. Over 33 years experience investigating traffic crashes in Florida.  Autos, commercial motor vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and motorcycles, “Black Box” download.  CV and rates available upon request.  Covering all of Florida. Call or email Jim Durden 305-915-8480  [email protected]


Premises Liability/Negligent Security

Security -Expert Witness Premises Liability/Negligent Security Former U.S. Secret Service Agent. Premises Liability: hotels, banks, apt/office complexes, condos, restaurants, bars, cruise ships, parking lots, garages, malls, etc. 850-906-0516 Howard B. Wood.

Security Expert Witness

Board-Certified in Security Consultant, and Healthcare Protection Administration. Former Corporate Security Manager and Senior Police Commander, providing consulting and expert testimony to plaintiff/defense in all areas/venues of security negligence and premises liability. Comprehensive CV, impeccable reputation and experience. Michael S. D’Angelo, CPP, CSC, CHPA. 786-444-1109