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March 12, 2020

Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc. (FLA) is searching for a dynamic leader and charismatic ambassador to serve as its Executive Director. The successful candidate will have demonstrated ability and experience: (i) building and maintaining collaborative relationships with key constituents and funding sources; (ii) providing creative leadership, vision and management conducive to fostering the continued development and vibrancy of a not-for-profit organization; (iii) pioneering, advancing and supporting mental health and substance abuse education and initiatives; and (iv) adapting to and then leading implementation of transformative ideas for the future.


Candidates must have outstanding written and interpersonal communication skills that enable them to direct the FLA’s critical public relations and outreach efforts. Candidates must also have personal insight into addiction and mental health issues that fosters empathy when interacting with others, excel in organizational analysis and reporting, and be flexible and adaptable as key contacts and requirements for the organization change often. Fundraising experience and previous experience managing a successful non-profit are also pluses.


Job location is Southeast Florida, but will require periodic travel throughout the State of Florida and occasionally out of state. Salary is commensurate with experience and similar positions in other non-profit organizations. Candor and background checks are mandatory.


Job Functions:

The Executive Director of Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc. shall be responsible for the following duties and responsibilities and shall successfully execute these functions both directly and through delegation and supervision of services to qualified and identified staff employed by or contracted with FLA. The following position duties and responsibilities may be amended from time to time by the Board of Directors:


General Administration. Lead and guide the overall direction and administration of the FLA program, including but not limited to responsibilities such as recruitment and training of staff, personnel matters, budgetary controls, and development and maintenance of goodwill with the FLA’s participants, the Florida Supreme Court, the Board of Directors, The Florida Bar Lawyer Regulation Division, The Florida Bar Board of Governors, the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, and voluntary bar associations throughout the state. Contacts at these organizations can change frequently, so strong interpersonal skills, ability to continuously forge new relationships, and commitment to nurturing those relationships is essential for success.


Financial Administration and Reporting. Prepare the FLA annual budget, advocate for its validity and reasonableness, and provide thorough responses to any requests for information required by the Board of Directors and The Florida Bar’s Budget Committee. Maintain corporate records such as 501(c)(3) status materials, minutes, by-laws, and articles of incorporation. Maintain current and accurate records on all FLA participants and oversee detailed timekeeping for FLA’s administration.


Human Resource Management and Staffing. Ensure FLA has qualified staff available at all times, including after normal business hours, weekends, and holidays, to respond to contacts from existing participants, potential participants, referrals, general inquiries, and others seeking help or information. Ensure that qualified clinical staff are available so that participants can be referred to individual health care providers (physicians, counselors, therapists, etc.) and/or licensed treatment providers as appropriate. Oversee and keep current FLA’s directory of resources and make it available to participants and others needing an evaluation, treatment, aftercare, continuing care, or other services. Provide training and supervision to all personnel including volunteers of FLA in order to accomplish any and all responsibilities stated herein.


Public Relations and Outreach. Develop, maintain, and implement FLA’s public relations policies and drive awareness through campaigns and other actions so that the judiciary, lawyers, and law students are aware of FLA’s mission and presence, such as through articles and advertisements in The Florida Bar News, The Florida Bar Journal, local county bar associations, social media outlets, FLA website, and literature. Work closely with a public relations consultant as the Board directs. Develop contacts and procedures to develop and maintain relationships with other professional organizations and private practitioners interacting with judges, lawyers, law students, and all law schools in the State of Florida so that students and law school staff are aware of FLA’s mission and function. Maintain relationships with the ABA Commission on Impaired Attorneys, similar entities, and lawyer’s assistance programs throughout the country and participate in related activities. Promote FLA’s mission and functions before various committees of The Florida Bar, the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, and the Judicial Qualifications Commission.


Core FLA Functions. Maintain, and where possible improve, the continued and efficient operation of the FLA hotline and similar resources. Function as mediator in balancing the voluntary “lawyers helping lawyers” function of FLA and the disciplinary and monitoring portions of the program. Appear when required as a witness before The Florida Bar in disciplinary cases and before the Florida Board of Bar Examiners in admission cases regarding FLA participants. Assist lawyers, judges, employers, law schools, and other related legal entities in identifying impaired judges, lawyers, and law students and participate in interventions when requested or appropriate, which will likely require occasional travel to address outreach needs, meet with participants in crisis situations, or for other reasons as determined by the board of directors.


Board Administration and Support. Liaise with the FLA Board of Directors and keep them apprised on all developments involving FLA through submission of quarterly and annual reports, updates on programs and developments, and attendance at the Board’s quarterly meetings. Implement and execute, directly and in collaboration with FLA staff the policy decisions made and instruction given by the Board.


This is a full-time job. Please provide cover letter, resume and three professional references to: [email protected]  Deadline to apply is May 1st.